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XV. Particular Occasions.

513. 631-646.

440. 545–606.


Index of Subjects.

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Enumeration of Authors and Collections.

Table of Scriptures referred to in the Hymns.







ABSURD and vain attempt to bind,
Affliction is a stormy deep,
Again our weekly labours end,

the Lord of life and light,
Ah! why should this mistaken mind,

wretched souls, who strive in vain, All earthly charms however dear, nature dies and lives again,

feels attractive pow'r,
All-pow'rful, self-existent God,
All-seeing God! tis thine to know,
Almighty Father, gracious Lord!

of mankind,
goodness, pow'r divine,
maker, God!

Lord of all !

refuge of my soul : Amazing, beauteous change! Amidst a world of hopes and fears,


371 568 25 31 399 388 319 464 362 107 372 173 585 69 71 300 294 257 307 103

the heav'nly pow'rs sublime, Among the princes, earthly gods, And art thou with us, gracious Lord,

can my heart aspire so high,
is the gospel peace and love?
will the great eternal God,

th' eternal King,
the Majesty of heav'n,

38 162 419 234 489 314 156

Angel, roll the rock away;
Are not thy mercies sov’reign still,
Arise, ye people, clap the hand,
Assist us, Lord, thy name to praise,

soul the voice divine,

with rev’rent awe, Author of good ! we rest on thee; Awake, my drowsy soul, awake,

soul, awake my tongue!


rouse ev'ry pow'r,

stretch ev'ry nerve, our souls, away our fears,

ye saints! to praise your King, A wounded conscience, what a foe!


244 308

49 391 121 277 354 458 - 181 392 376 403 401

35 330

230 64 45 60

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Be ev'ry vale exalted high,

thou exalted, O my God Before Jehovah's awful throne, Begin, my soul, th' exalted lay,

the lofty strain, Behold, he comes ! your leader comes,

th' amazing sight,
that wise, that perfect law,
the gloomy vale,

grace appears,
lofty sky,
morning sun,
path that mortals tread,

prince of peace,
where, breathing love divine,

where in a mortal form,
Beset with snares on ev'ry hand,
Beyond the bounds of time and space,

225 240 198 573 215 188 206 451 228 622 237 340 404

Hymn Beyond the limits of the sky,

159 Bless'd are the souls that hear and know, 212 be the everlasting God,

479 hour, when virtuous friends shall meet, 630 Instructor ! from thy ways,

273 is the man whose heart is kind, 500 nation where the Lord,

163 Bless, O my soul, the living God,

179 Blow ye the trumpet, blow

615 Bright Source of intellectual rays,


Can creatures to perfection find,
Celestial worlds, your Maker's name,
Children, in years and knowledge young,
Christ the Lord is ris'n to day,
Christians! awake, and raise your eyes,

dismiss your fear, Come hither, all ye weary souls !

let us search our ways and try,
pay the worship God requires,
said Jesus' sacred voice,
sound his praise abroad,
to the house of pray’r,

ye who love the Lord,
Consider all my sorrows, Lord,
Courage, my soul! while God is near,

92 59 578 243 456 247 260 368

10 261

41 607 326 558 389

Daughters of pity, tune the lay;
Diseases are thy servants, Lord,

365 555

287 343

Enough of life's vain scene I 've trod,
Eternal and immortal King,

God, almighty Cause,

how frail is man,

96 460

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