Barnaby Rudge

Gregg publishing Company, 1919 - 877 pàgines

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Pàgina 132 - em now. See how they whirl and plunge. And now they stop again, and whisper, cautiously together — little thinking, mind, how often I have lain upon the grass and watched them. I say — what is it that they plot and hatch ? Do you know ?" "They are only clothes," returned the guest, "such as we wear; hanging on those lines to dry, and fluttering in the wind.
Pàgina 550 - ... a creature of very mysterious existence, particularly in a large city. Where it comes from or whither it goes, few men can tell. Assembling and dispersing with equal suddenness, it is as difficult to follow to its various sources as the sea itself; nor does the parallel stop here, for the ocean is not more fickle and uncertain, more terrible when roused, more unreasonable, or more cruel.
Pàgina 434 - Key, there issued forth a tinkling sound, so merry and good-humoured, that it suggested the idea of some one working blithely, and made quite pleasant music. No man who hammered on at a dull monotonous duty, could have brought such cheerful notes from steel and iron; none but a chirping, healthy...
Pàgina 589 - ... living yet, but singed as with hot irons — were plucked out of the cellars, and carried off upon the shoulders of others, who strove to wake them as they went along, with ribald jokes, and left them, dead, in the passages of hospitals. But of all the howling throng not one learnt mercy from, or sickened at, these sights ; nor was the fierce, besotted, senseless rage of one man glutted.

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