Biomedical Engineering Handbook

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CRC Press, 28 dic 1999 - 1512 pagine
P Winner of the Association of American Publishers Best New Professional/Scholarly Publication - Engineering

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Transport Phenomena and Biomimetic Systems
Diffusional Processes and Engineering Design E N Lightfoot 961
Microvascular Heat Transfer James W Baish 981
Introduction Robert J Fisher
The Possible Role of Blood Phase Resistance
Monoclonal Antibodies and Their Engineered Fragments Srikanth Sundaram
Measurement of InformationProcessing Performance Capacities
Mental Components Kenneth J Maxwell 1511
HumanComputer Interface Design Issues Kenneth J Maxwell 1531
Applications of Quantitative Assessment of Human Performance
ComputerBased Design and Analysis
Neural Networks for Physiological Control James J Abbas 1621
Autoregulating Windkessel Dynamics May Cause Low Frequency

Antisense Technology S Patrick Walton Charles M Roth
Gene Therapy Joseph M Le Doux Jeffrey R Morgan Martin L Yarmush 1061
Tools for Genome Analysis Robert Kaiser 1041
Tissue Engineering Introduction Bernhard Palsson Jeffrey A Hubbell XII1
The Roles of Mass Transfer in Tissue Function Edwin N Lightfoot Karen A Duca 1151
Prostheses and Artificial Organs Introduction Pierre M Galletti Robert M Nerem XIII1
Artificial Pancreas Pierre M Galletti Clark K Colton Michel Jaffrin Gerard Reach 1341
Rehabiliation Engineering Introduction Charles J Robinson XIV1
Rehabilitation Engineering Science and Technology Charles J Robinson 1391
Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics in Rehabilitation Marilyn Lord Alan TurnerSmith 1401
Wheelchairs and Personal Transportation Rory A Cooper 1411
Measurement Tools and Processes in Rehabilitation Engineering
Principles of Application
Human Performance Engineering
Measurement of Neuromuscular Performance Capacities
Control of Movements Dejan B Popović 1651
Risk Factors Safety and Management of Medical Equipment
Clinical Engineering Program Indicators Dennis D Autio
Medical Informatics
ComputerBased Patient Records J Michael Fitzmaurice 1761
NonAI Decision Making Ron Summers Derek G Cramp
Design Issues in Developing Clinical Decision Support and Monitoring
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing in Biomedicine Stephen B Johnson 1881
Beneficence Nonmaleficence and Technological Progress

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