Angelica's Ladies Library; Or, Parents and Guardians Present. With Eight Elegant Plates, ...

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J. Hamilton and Company; and Mrs. Harlow, 1794 - 440 pagine

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Pagina 440 - And ay they grew, and ay they threw, As they wad faine be neare ; And by this ye may ken right weil They were twa luvers deare.
Pagina 435 - LORD THOMAS and Fair Annet Sate a' day on a hill ; Whan night was cum, and sun was sett, They had not talkt their fill. Lord Thomas said a word in jest, Fair Annet took it ill : " A, I will nevir wed a wife Against my ain friends
Pagina 232 - tis to find This fault in half the female kind! From hence proceed aversion, strife, And all that sours the wedded life.
Pagina 437 - No, I will tak my mither's counsel, And marrie me owt o hand;' And I will tak the nut-browne bride, Fair Annet may leive the land." Up then rose Fair Annet's father, Twa hours or it wer day, And he is gane into the bower Wherein Fair Annet lay. "Rise up, rise up, Fair Annet," he says, "Put on your silken sheene; Let us gae to St.
Pagina 322 - His mufic calls to dance the night away : ?* And you, fair nymphs, companions of my love,
Pagina 234 - Resolv'd his bounty to withdraw, And thus, with anger in his look, The late-repenting fool bespoke.
Pagina 279 - Though little, make it large in love ; O bid my feeling heart expand To ev'ry claim, on ev'ry hand ; To those from whom my days I drew...
Pagina 379 - You are to consider, that the invisible thing called a Good Name, is made up of the Breath of Numbers that speak well of you; so that if by a disobliging Word you silence the meanest, the Gale will be less strong which is to bear up your Esteem. And though nothing is so vain as the eager...
Pagina 287 - But when her rifing form was feen To reach the crifis of fifteen, Her parents up the mountain's head, With anxious ftep their darling led ; By turns they fnatch'd her to their breaft, And thus the fears of age exprefs'd.
Pagina 426 - Whether we eat or drink, or whatsoever we do, we are to do all to the glory of God.

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