Memorials of the Colleges and Halls in the University of Oxford, Volume 2

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John Henry Parker, 1847

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Pagina 60 - Frideswyde, which he completed in 1513. But his design at this time went no farther than to found a college for a warden and a certain number of monks and secular scholars belonging to the priory of St. Swithin, in Winchester, in the manner of Canterbury and Durham colleges, which were similar nurseries in Oxford for the priories of Canterbury and Durham.
Pagina 270 - HICKES'S TWO TREATISES, On the Christian Priesthood, and On the Dignity of the Episcopal Order. Vol. I. 9s. JOHN JOHNSON'S WORKS. Vol. I. 12s. ARCHBISHOP LAUD'S WORKS. Vol. I. 6s. L'ESTRANGE'S ALLIANCE OF DIVINE OFFICES. 12s. MARSHALL'S Penitential Discipline of the Primitive Church. 6».
Pagina 270 - Subscribers paying two guineas annually in advance are entitled to all the publications without further payment. It is proposed to publish six volumes (of 400 pages on the average) in each year.
Pagina 61 - Winchester, (the four sees which he successively tilled) doth found and appoint this college always to be called CORPUS CHRISTI College. The statutes are dated Feb. 13, 1527, in the 27th year of his translation to Winchester, and according to them, the society was to consist of a president, twenty fellows, twenty scholars, two chaplains, two clerks, and two choristers.
Pagina 161 - The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of THE COLLEGE of PEMBROKE, in the University of Oxford, of the Foundation of King JAMES, at the cost and charges of THOMAS TESDALE and RICHARD WIGHTWICK.
Pagina 243 - Bushell, esq. officers of our mint, or either of them, to receive the said plate from you, who upon weighing thereof shall give you a receipt, under their or one of their hands for the same. And...
Pagina 273 - Councils, with the remaining Canons of the Code of the Universal Church. Translated, with Notes. To which are added, THE APOSTOLICAL CANONS. By the late WA HAMMOND, MA 8vo.
Pagina 31 - I do hereby protest against the said proceedings, and against all that you have done or hereafter shall do in prejudice of me and my right, as illegal, unjust and null ; and I do hereby appeal to our Sovereign Lord the King in his courts of justice.
Pagina 243 - CHARLES R. — Trusty and well-beloved we greet you well. We are so well satisfied with your readiness and affection to our service, that we cannot doubt but you will take all occasions to...
Pagina 127 - Nondum struxit Hugo, vix fundamenta locavit, Det Deus ut possis dicere, struxit Hugo. stated by Wood, that the HALL ' was completed by that bountiful person sir Eubule Thelwall, who left nothing undone which might conduce to the good of the college.

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