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THE offices and studios of the School of Expression

are located in the Pierce Building, Copley Square,

opposite the Public Library. The School is situated in the very heart of literary Boston.

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Boston has long been known as the favorite city for study; in fact, as the one place in all the world where students can have equal advantages in art and education. The School of Expression aims to furnish students with the best helps to enjoy the means of culture in Boston. Special privileges in the use of the Art Museum and of the Boston Public Library are among the advantages of students. The famous Lowell Institute courses of lectures and many special lectures in the neighboring schools and colleges are open to the students.

Pierce Hall, Home of the School


HE thirty-second year of the SCHOOL OF EXPRES-

SION will open on Thursday, October 7, 1915,

at 9 a. m. Registration Day, Wednesday, October 6, from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.

Examinations for “Advanced Standing,” Wednesday, October 6, 9 a. m.

The promise of educational activity made on our Twentyfifth Anniversary, to be shown in "growth and organization in its several departments," will centre for the School year of 1915-1916 in Public Speaking and Oral English, with the view of meeting the demand of high schools and colleges for teachers.

Speaking is the normal, spontaneous manifestation of the language instinct.

Something to say and the desire to give it to others are fundamental to good speaking.

Normal response of the organism in voice and action is a fundamental condition of good speaking.

Normal mental powers trained to concentration of attention in the individual ideas of a subject are fundamental to good speaking.

Conscious accentuation of the concentrative act, without disturbing spontaneous response in voice and action, is necessary to good speaking.

For a sane, practical and adequate method of handling the subject, take the SPEAKER'S DIPLOMA COURSE of the SCHOOL OF EXPRESSION. See Annual Catalogue, pp. 38.

A special arrangement of this course for college graduates, given in one scholastic year, between October 7 and May 11.

The demand for MEN with a college degree and with additional training in a professional school is greater than can be met and is constantly growing. They can secure positions as teachers of voice and public speaking in high schools, academies, and colleges at salaries of from $800 to $3000 per

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FUNDAMENTAL The School traditions call for earnestness of purpose and cordial co-operation. Testimonials as to moral character are

required of each student on entering.

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There are no rules and regulations in the School except those which obtain in the intercourse of ladies and gentlemen. The School is pre-eminently a School of art, and accordingly the artistic spirit of industry and freedom in the studios has been the wonder of all. An important and peculiar characteristic of the School, one sure to be felt and accepted by all, is the perfectly sympathetic yet

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pression of the students. The atmosphere of the School contributes in no small degree to the great success of its training. Students who enter at once into its spirit make the most rapid progress and accomplish the most positive results.

Patrons and friends of the school are cordially welcomed.

For the protection of students and to preserve the marvelous home atmosphere of the School, and on account of the peculiar personal character of the training, applicants are not admitted indiscriminately to the School. The number is necessarily limited, and the help given worth many times the tuition. Hence full knowledge of students is necessary. All are earnestly requested to write in perfect frankness regarding themselves and to send the names of two references, one of which shall be, if possible, a graduate or student of the School

T HE Courses of Study are classified under:


ing is emphasized as a mode of stimulating expressive activity, correcting defects, and recuperating natural functions.

For the year 1915 plans are made to organize this work under conditions to secure results before the Christmas holidays.

2. The Courses for CREATIVE EXPRESSION, Literature and Art, Philosophy of Expression, Personal and Spiritual Culture are features unique and characteristic of the School of Expression.

3. In the courses for PROFESSIONAL ATTAINMENT the School has won for itself a well deserved reputation for efficiency in results. For example:

The graduates from the COURSE for TEACHERS of EXPRESSION and Gymnastics are in demand at large salaries. Each year increases the number of teachers of Literature and English who seek inspiration and adequate methods through the study of the spoken word; and those interested in the Drama as an Art verify the truth of the statement that "there is no better dramatic work done anywhere than in the School of Expression."

The SPEAKER'S DIPLOMA requires thirty to forty courses (elective) with special requirements in discussion, extemporaneous speaking, debate and oratory. This course offers preparation for teachers of Public Speaking and Oral English. The several subjects of this course may be arranged to extend over several years until the required work for the Speakers' Diploma is accomplished. The work of the regular terms of the Summer Session is also credited in this course.

Preachers are advised to take at least one half day's work a week. (See Annual Catalogue, pp. 25, 38.)

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