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“Our reading is ended; but I cannot allow the opportunity to pass without assuring you of the pleasure it has given Miss Terry and myself to be associated with so excellent an institution as the School of Expression.

It seems to me the danger in teaching elocution, although I do not claim to be an authority, is that some formal and artificial method should supersede nature.

But in this school you seek to avoid that danger by the recognition of the principle that all good speaking comes from the right action of the mind.

For the same reason, good acting is not declamation, but the expression of character; and the actor's aim is not to imitate this style or that, but to cultivate his own resources of impersonation.

I cannot but thank you, for Miss Terry and myself, with all my heart, for the attention you have given our reading, and I sincerely hope that some substantial benefit to this excellent institution will be the result.”

In address at the reading given for the School, 1888.

«The] School of Expression is the center of noble ideals, not only for the public speaker but also for literature and education itself. . . . [Its] training is fundamentally one looking toward the liberation of the self from the restrictions set by self-consciousness, whether of soul, or muscle, and the training of the body to express accurately the spiritual experience. ... There could be no better appropriation of funds than to endow generously the school that will perpetuate these ideals."

Dean of the University of Chicago, in “The World To-day."

66 Too much stress can hardly be laid on the author's groundprinciple, that where a method aims to regulate the modulations of the voice by rules, inconsistencies and lack of organic coherence begin to take the place of that sense of life which lies at the heart of every true product of art. On the contrary, where vocal expression is studied as a manifestation of the process of thinking, there results the true energy of the student's powers and the more natural unity of the complex elements of his expression."

DR. LYMAN ABBOTT in the “Outlook."

It is also necessary to know how to say it.



June I – Recital, Studies from Shakespeare
June 8 -- Recital, Studies from Shakespeare, Lady Gregory, etc.
June 16 — Recital, Studies from Shakespeare and Sheridan
June 23 – Recital, from Alfred Sutro, W. S. Gilbert and Synge
June 27 – Dramatic Studies from Ibsen, Barrie and others
Aug. 1 - Recital, Students
Aug. 31 -- Literary and Dramatic Recital
Oct. 5 - Informal reception to incoming students. Readings from

his own poems by Nixon Waterman
Oct. 6 - Readings from Don Quixote, No, I.

(Cerventas) Oct. 13 — Columbus Day Recital. Public Speaking Oct. 19 — Graduates' Recital, “Daddy Long Legs," a dramatic . reading

(Jean Webster) Julia R. Beach (Class of 1912) Oct. 20 -- Recital, Students Oct. 26 -- Readings from Don Quixote, No. 2.

(Cervantes) Oct. 27 -- Students' Recital. Appreciations of Wordsworth, Tenny

son, Washington Irving. Nov. 2 --- Graduates' Recital, “The Truth”

(Clyde Fitch) Laura Carpenter (Class of '15) Nov. 7 - Readings from his own poems by Charles H. Keeler Nov. 9 — "Magda," an impersonation

(Herman Sudermann)

Hortense Nielsen Nov. 10 - Recital, Students Nov. 16 — Graduates' Recital, “The Master Builder” (Henrik Ibsen)

Sabra B. Dyer (Class of '16)
Nov. 17 – Recital, Students
Nov. 21 - Lecture, “From Tennyson to Today -- a General Survey"

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole
Nov. 23 — Dramatic Recital
Nov. 28 — Lecture, “Canons of Poetical Expression"

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole
Dec. I — Public Speaking Recital
Dec. 5 - Lecture, “Thompson, Henley, Lee, Hamilton”

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole
Dec. 6- Recital for the benefit of the Loan Scholarship Fund,
Huntington Chambers Hall

Sabra B. Dyer.
Dec. 7 -- Recital from the works of Joel Chandler Harris
Dec. 8 -- Recital, Students


Dec. 12 — Lecture, “Parnassians, Brydges, Woodberry, Bliss, Carman, Flecker"

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole Dec. 14 — Christmas Recital, “Eager Heart,” a Christmas Mystery Dec. 15 - Studies from the Vicar of Wakefield (Oliver Goldsmith)

(Dramatized by Tom Taylor) Dec. 19 — Lecture, “Irish Muse, Fiona McLeod, Yeats, Denis McCarthy”

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole
Jan. 4 - Graduates' Recital, “Martha-By-the-Day?!

(Julie M. Lippman) Bertha Everett Morgan (Artistic Diploma '08) Jan. 5 - Recital, Students Jan. 9 – Lecture, “Imagism, Free Verse, Amy Lowell, Fletcher, etc.”

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole Jan. II — Dramatic Recital, Epochs of Literature. 19th Century Jan. 12 — Narrative Poetry Recital, “Tales of a Wayside Inn

(Longfellow) First Year Class Jan. 16 — Lecture, “Narrative Verse, Masefield, Noyes, Markham"

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole Jan, 18 – Recital, Students Jan. 19 — Studies from Macbeth, No. I Jan. 23 — Lecture, “Josephine Peabody Marks, Anna Hempstead Branch”

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole
Jan. 25 - Recital of Dramatic Readings
Jan. 26 - Short Story Recital
Jan. 30 — Dramatic Reading, "In the Vanguard" (Katrina Trask)

Mrs. John C. Fetzer of Chicago
Feb. I – Recital, a study in Tennyson's "Princess"

Third Year Class
Feb. 2 - Recital, Studies from Macbeth, No. 2
Feb. 6 - Lecture, Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole

Readings by Mrs. Halley Phillips Gilchrist ('97)
Feb. 6 - Recital for the benefit of the Endowment Fund. "The
House of Rimmon

(Henry Van Dyke) Mrs. John C. Fetzer Feb. 8 - Post-Graduate's recital from Modern Poetry

Mrs. Halley Phillips Gilchrist ('97)
Feb. 9 - Studies from Maeterlinck
Feb. 13 —- Lecture, “A Saner Spirit in Modern Poetry"

Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole

Readings by Mrs. Halley Phillips Gilchrist Feb. 13 - Recital for the benefit of the Endowment Fund "The Mansion"

(Henry Van Dyke) “The Selfish Giant”

(Oscar Wilde) Mrs. John C. Fetzer

Feb. 15 - Public Speaking Recital. Appreciation of Abraham

Lincoln Feb. 16 - Authors' Recital, readings from their own poems by

Edwin Markham and Denis McCarthy Feb. 20 – Recital for the benefit of the Endowment Fund. “The Shepherd”

(Olive Tilford Dargan)

Mrs. John C. Fetzer Feb. 23 - Recital, Students Feb. 26 -- Recital for the benefit of the Endowment Fund, "A Poet's Outlook on Life," illustrated by readings from his own poems

Denis A. McCarthy
Feb. 28 — Recital by the Evening Classes
Mar. IRecital, Students
Mar. 2 - Recital, Shakespearean Studies
Mar. 8 -- Recital, Students
Mar. 9 - Short Story Recital, No. 2
Mar. 13 — Recital at the Franklin Square House
Mar. 15 — Dickens Recital
Mar. 1) - Recital, Students
Mar. 22 — Dramatic Recital, One Act Plays
Mar. 23 - Dramatic Studies from Shakespeare
Mar. 26 - Dramatic Studies in Macbeth, First Year Class
Mar. 29 - Dramatic Studies from Maeterlinck
Mar. 30 -- Talk on “John J. Enneking and American Poetic Land-
scape Painters," illustrated by stereopticon, by Dr. Curry.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Apr. 2 – Graduate's Recital “The Unchastened Woman".

(Louis Kaufman Anspacher)
Hortense Jacobs Harmon ('13)
Apr. 3 – Dramatic Recital, Second Year Classes
Apr. 4 -- "The Terrible Meek”

(Charles Rann Kennedy)

Miss Mona Summers Apr. 5 - Dramatic Narrative from “Vicar of Wakefield" (Oliver Goldsmith) “Pride and Prejudice"

(Jane Austen) Second Year Special Class Apr. II "The Cinderella Man” (Edward Charles Carpenter)

Miss Edith Meek
Apr. 12 — Dramatic Recital, Third Year Class
Apr. 13 - An Appreciation of Sir Rabindronath Tagore

Miss Ruth S. Moody
Apr. 16 — Miscellaneous Program, Second Year Special Class
Apr. 18 —- "Mona Vanna"

(Maurice Maeterlinck) Miss Hortense Nielsen Apr. 20 –- Patriotic Address, “The Light on the Path"

Rev. Lucy C. McGee, Ph.M.
Apr. 24 – Patriotic Recital
Apr. 25 – “Peg o' My Heart”

(J. Hartley Manners) Miss Myrtle Weldon

Apr. 26 - Dramatic Recital
Apr. 27 -- "Sister Beatrice"

(Maurice Maeterlinck) Miss Jane Douglas Crawford Apr. 28 -"The Two Virtues"

(Alfred Sutro) Miss Margaret Sherman Apr. 30 - "Pygmalion”

(Bernard Shaw) Miss Esther Leary May 1 -- Dramatic Recital No. 1, Jacob Sleeper Hall May 2 - "Come Out of the Kitchen”

(Alice Duer Miller) Miss Cora E. Potter May 3 -- "The Maker of Dreams"

(Oliphant Down) Miss Ada Marie Cheever “Seremonda"

(William Lindsey) Miss Grace Alma Tilton May 4 ---- Annual Banquet of the Alumni Association, Hotel Vendome May 5.-"His House in Order".

(Arthur Pinero)
Miss May Florence Stafford
May 6 -- Baccalaureate Exercises. “The Spiritual Meaning of the

President Curry
May · Dramatic Recital No. 2, Jacob Sleeper Hall
May 8 - Dramatic Recital of One Act Plays

Miss Gertrude Walsh
May 9 - "The Unseen Empire"

(Atherton Brownell) Miss Evelyn Hageman May 10 -- 10.30 a.m., Senior Recital, Commencement Exercises

4-6 p.m., Reception of Trustees and Faculty

7 p.m., Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association May 11 - 9.30 a.m., Closing Lesson.

President Curry June 14 -- "Mister Antonio"

(Booth Tarkington) Miss Blanche I. Taylor

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