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To man the interpreter of God.

- Owen Meredith.


ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL, LL.D., Sc.D., Chancellor, Wash

ington, D. C. S. S. CURRY, Ph.D., Litt.D., President, Boston JAMES M. HEAD, Chairman of Executive Committee, 142 Berke

ley St., Boston ADOLPHUS B. BEECHING, Treasurer, 1302 Commonwealth

Avenue, Allston. WILLARD P. LOMBARD, LL.B., Clerk, 18 Tremont St., Boston Shailer Mathews, D.D., University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. Albert S. Bard, LL.B., 25 Broad St., New York Dillon Bronson, D.D., Hotel Hemenway, Boston Pitt Dillingham, 178 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston Edward M. Lewis, M.A., Agricultural College, Amherst John L. Bates, 1045 Tremont Building, Boston Charles H. Strong, A.M., Rector St. John's Church, Savannah, Ga. George Landor Perin, D.D., 23 Naples Road, Brookline Willis P. Odell, Ph.D., D.D., Brookline J. W. Bashford, D.D., LL.D., Shanghai, China Malcolm Green, Broker, 155 Milk Street, Boston James Ayer, M.D., New York Erasmus Wilson, The Pittsburg Gazette, Pittsburg, Pa. Metus T. Dickinson, Goldsboro, N. C. Solomon P. Jones, Marshall, Tex. Frank W. Hunt, 122 Lincoln St., Boston Davis W. Clark, D.D., 220 West 4th St., Cincinnati, Ohio George E. Horr, D.D., Newton Theological Institution, Newton

Center E. P. Tuller, D.D., Hyannis, Mass. Frank H. Tompkins, 221 Columbus Avenue, Boston Charles A. Eaton, D.D., Pastor Madison Avenue Baptist Church,

Kent E. Keller, State of Illinois Senate, Springfield, Ill.
Nathaniel C. Fowler, Jr., 26 Pemberton Square, Boston
W.G. Jones, Pioneer Building, Seattle, Washington
John C. Fetzer, Hinsdale, Ill.
James F. Morton, A.M., 211, W. 138 Street, New York

Samuel L. Loomis, D.D., Westfield, N. J.
A. E. Winship, Litt.D., Editor “ Journal of Education," Boston
William B. Closson, 45 Newtonville Ave., Newton
Ralph Davol, Taunton
Hon. Peter Norbeck, Redfield, South Dakota
J. Stanley Durkee, Ph.D., Brockton
Mrs. Fay Witte Ball, 172 Rutledge Avenue, Charleston, S. C.
John M. Barker, D.D., Professor of Sociology, Boston University
Charles P. Grannan, D.D., Professor, Catholic University, Wash-

ington, D. C.
A. Lee Holmes, A.M., Rock Island, Quebec
Thomas A. Smoot, A.B., Epworth Methodist Church, Norfolk, Va.
Charles A. Reese, D.D., Milford, N.H.
Masukichi Matsumoto, Kwansei Gakiun, Kobe, Japan
William F. Bade, Ph.D., Pacific Theological Seminary, Berkeley,

Robert J. Wilson, M.A., Vancouver, B. C.
Virgil E. Rorer, D.D., Philadelphia, Pa.
Albert B. Shields, B.D., S. Boston
Edward Abner Thompson, A.B., 82 Brooks St., Brighton
Rev. Samuel Lindsey, Bellevue Church, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Nixon Waterman, Arlington Heights
William Shaw, LL.D., Tremont Temple, Boston
John C. Ferguson, Ph.D., Pekin, China
Windsor H. Wyman, Abington
Willard E. Paul, M.D., Dorchester
Norman Mac Queen, 33 Walnut Street, Somerville


William Dean Howells, Litt.D.
William Winter, Litt.D.
George A. Gordon, S.T.D.
Edwin Markham

George Winter, fewells, L.

W. H. P. Faunce, D.D.
George L. Osgood, A.B.
James J. Putnam, M.D.
Thomas Allen

To his fellow-man
But himself.

- Schlegel.


Samuel Silas Curry, President

A.B., Grant Univ., 1872; B.D., 1875; A.M., 1878; Ph.D., 1880, Boston Univ.; Litt.D., Colby Univ., 1905; Snow Professor of Oratory, Boston Univ., 1879–88; Acting Davis Professor of Elocution, Newton Theological Institution, 1884- ; Instr. in Eloc., Harvard Univ., 1891–4; Divinity School of Yale Univ., 1892–1902; Harvard Div. School, 1896–1902; Librarian of Boston Art Club, 1891-1909; grad. of Prof. Monroe and of Dr. Guilmette; pupil of the elder Lamperti and of Steele Mackaye (assistant and successor of Delsarte), and of many others in Europe and America.

Anna Baright Curry, Dean

Grad. Cook's Coll. Inst., 1873; Boston Univ. Sch. of Oratory, 1877; Instructor Boston Univ. Sch. of Oratory, 187779; Prin. of Sch. of Eloc, and Expression, 1879–83; Pupil of Prof. Monroe, Dr. Guilmette, and others; Public Reader; Shakespearean Reader; Interpreter of the Higher Forms of Poetry and Literature, the Lyric, the Epic, and Poetic Drama, and Dramatic Narrative, Platform Art and Literary Interpretation.

Director of Dramatic Term and teacher of Dramatic Thinking, Platform Art and Literary Interpretation.

Caroline Angeline Hardwick

Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression; Philosophic Diploma, 1907; Instructor in Wellesley College; Instructor in Vocal Expression and Visible Speech.

Emma Louise Huse, Assistant Dean

Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1910; Instructor in Literature, English and Vocal Expression; Assistant in Home Study Courses.

Mrs. Ida D. Mason, Matron

Dramatic Diploma, School of Expression, 1916; Assistant in Story Telling and Dramatic Rehearsal.

Mrs. Laurie Johnson Reasoner

Taylor University; Teacher's Diploma, 1911; Philosophic Diploma, 1916. Instructor in Co-operative work (Voice, Vocal Expression and Body).

Charles Sheldon Holcomb

B.S., Mass. Agric. College; Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1911; Philosophic Diploma, 1914; Instructor in Singing.

Nina Oschman

Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1912, Assistant.

Ethel Priscilla Potter

A. B., Wellesley Coll.; Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1916; Instructor in Wheaton College, Comparative Criticism, Dramatic Construction and Literature.

Maud Frances Donovan

Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1903; Assistant.

Instructor in Dramatic William Seymour, Sir Henry Irving, Rehearsal.

Mrs. Eliza Josephine Harwood

Grad. Posse Gymnasium, 1895; Special Post-Grad. Course, 1896; one of the only two pupils of the late Baron Nils Posse that pursued a special third-year course, under his personal direction; has studied with twenty-five teachers in different phases of Vocal Training and Gymnastics; Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1900; The Gilbert Normal School of Dancing, 1905; Chalif School of Dancing, 1909; Head of Department of Organic Gym

Lewis Dwight Fallis

A. B., Univ. of Washington; Teacher's Diploma School of Expression 1911; Dramatic Rehearsal and Stage Manager.

Carrie Alice Davis : School of Expression, Teacher's Diploma, 1910. Chorus Singing.

Pauline Sherwood Townsend, Director of Pageants

Dramatic Diploma, School of Expression, 1906; Artistic Diploma, 1914; Author of “ Pageantry of the Western World” (produced in 1907 — adaptable to any campus); “ The American Indian in Lore and Legend ” (adaptable to any lake); “ Children in History and Legend” (adaptable to any lawn); Director of “The Fire Regained(a Greek Pageant at the Parthenon in Nashville under Civic Auspices).

Hortense Neilsen

Dramatic Diploma, School of Expression, 1916; Dramatic Rehearsal.

Clare Dudley Buck

School of Expression, Teacher's Diploma 1915; Philosophic Diploma 1916. Assistant in Summer Terms.

Nixon Waterman

Author and Poet, Lecturer on Poetry; Author of " A Book of Verses,” “In Merry Mood.”

Nathan Haskell Dole

Lecturer on Modern Poetry.

Dr. Eliza T. Ransom, 231 Bay State Road, Boston
Dr. Charles L. Pearson, 583 Beacon Street, Boston
Dr. Eugene E. Everett, 427 Marlboro Street, Boston
Dr. Herbert D. Boyd, 687 Boylston Street, Boston

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