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Hewins, Miriam Virginia, Water Masterson, William Randolph, town.

Worcester. Hooper, Leona Frances, Somer- Maxwell, Annie Robinson, East ville.

Hostetter, Mrs. Hildred Han- McAlister, Elizabeth Jean, Bos-
son, Oak Park, Ill.

Hupper, Eva Florence, Melrose. McCloskey, Margaret Chris-
Isbell, Guida Leona, Waukomis, tina, Dorchester.

McDaniel, Grace Kuverne, Bes-
Ives, Evelyn Luella, Taunton. semer, Ala.
Jamie, Clara Ness, Chicago, Ill. McDonough, Katherine, Boston.
Jewell, Orlando Arthur, Mineral McGinnis, William C., Troy, Vt.
Point, Wis.

McMorrow, Catherine, St. Louis,
Jones, Marguerite E. (B.A., Mo.

Hunter Coll.), New York, N. Y. Merrick, Mary Emma, Strat-
Jones, Solomon P., Marshall, ford, Conn.

Michels, Minnie Ruth, Dor-
Kaufman, Ida, Cambridge.

chester. Kelleher, Mary Elizabeth, At Mooney, Ella Ham, Boston. lantic.

Morrill, Florence Russell, Nor-
Kelley, Ethel, Stoughton.

Kerr, Lucille, Fayetteville, Tenn. Murphy, Margaret, Brookline.
Keyser, Annie May, Chelsea. Myer, Grace Maxwell, Terre
Kilby, Thomas E., Anniston, Ala. Haute, Ind.
King, Mary Ethel (A.B., Mt. Nazareth, Lena, Waverley.
Holyoke), Lynn.

Ness, Nura, Chicago, Ill.
Kingston, Amy Veronica (A.B., Newsom, Jennie, Louisville,
Boston Univ.), Boston.

Lakeman, Margaret Henrietta, Norton, Agnes E., Norwood.
Perryville, Mo.

Nunnally, Rhoda (A.B., South-
Landon, Helen Weeks (A.B., ern Fem. Coll.), Monroe, Ga.

Vassar Coll.), Bordentown, Palmer, Bertha Lillian, Boston.
N. J.

Patterson, Robert James, Au-
Lennon, Florence Consuelo, burndale.
Wagoner, Okla.

Pearson, Cora Lea, Conehatta,
Lester, Beulah Nina, Worcester.
Levine, Esther Bailey, Roxbury. Pennington, Julian Ruffin
Lincoln, Dora Elvira, Taunton. (Ph.D., LL.D.), Lynchburg,
Loitman, Clara, Dorchester.

Ludden, Alice M., Rochester, Pernin, Claude J., S.J. (A.B.,
N. H.

Ph.D., St. Louis Univ.), De-
Luehrs, Lillian, City Point, Fla. troit, Mich.
MacLeod, Lena Murray, Hyde Peterson, Elizabeth, Newton.

Pinney, Eugenie M., Methuen.
MacLeod, May, West Newton. Piscopo, Guy, Winthrop.
Marcott, Gertrude Ellamore, Pixley, Alonzo Robertson (B.H.),

Newton Centre.


Prentiss, Henrietta (B.A., Smith Sister Mary Xavier, Burlington,

Coll.; M.S., Univ. of Iowa), Vt.
New York.

Skinner, Myrtle P., Marlboro.
Pushee, Elizabeth, Chelsea. Smith, Francis Edward, Lei-
Puterbaugh, Neva Belle, Benton cester.
Harbor, Mich.

Smith, Jonathan Harold, RosRaymond, Pearl Madeline, New lindale. tonville.

Smith, Lillian Frances, DorchesReed, Harold Whitman (A.B., ter Centre.

Boston Univ.), Whitman. Smith, Odie Vard, Houstonia, Rennison, Mary, Roxbury.

Mo. Reynolds, Edith, Chicago, Ill. Smith, Reed (Ph.D.), Columbia, Reynolds, Sara G., So. Boston. S. C. Richards, Clare, Stoughton. Spector, Clara, Dorchester. Riesenberg, Cornelia Hoffman, Spencer, Pearl E., Cambridge. Westfield, N. J.

Spielberger, Sadie Beatrice, BirRitchie, Rowland Henry (Ph.B., mingham, Ala.

U. of Chicago; A.M., Har Stevens, Florence Alberta, Newvard), Emporia, Kans.

ton. Roche, Agnes, Willoughby, O. Swazey, Adelaide Angeline, LinRoos, Ella Frances, Cambridge. coln, Me. Rosa, Ellen M., Winthrop. Taylor, Agnes, Boston. Rosen, Zitha, Dorchester.

Taylor, Rev. Germain, St. BerRoss, Jessie Irene, Grand Isle, nard, Ala. Vt.

Taylor, Jean, Boston. Ross, Lulu Belle, East Boston. Tierney, Thomas F., Watertown. Russell, Harriet Giles, Halifax. Tipton, Flora, Boston. Ryan, Ethel Blanche, N. Wey Tobrner, Esther, Franklin, Tenn. mouth.

Torres, Amelia, Rio Janiero, Sankey, Anna McClain, St. Brazil. Louis, Mo.

Tucker, Frances, Arlington. Saunders, Effie Chandler, Wa Tufts, Grace Evelyn, Campello. tertown.

Van Dyke, John Morrow (Ph.B., Saunders, Mary Evans (A.M., Mt. Union Coll.), Hammonds

Union Univ.), Martin, Tenn. ville, O. Seaver, Grace Lucile, Townsend. Visanska, Bertha, Columbia, Seaver, Sarah Wilner, Malden. Tenn. Senn, Helen Miller, Portland, Walsh, Marie, Roxbury. Ore.

Walter, Albert Ulman, Baltimore, Setzer, William Judson (A.B., Md.

Carson Newman Coll.), John Warner, Raymond Winslow son City, Tenn.

(B.S., Mass. Agri. Coll.), SunShumway, Pearl Adella, Boston. derland. Sister Margaret Mary, Burling- Warren, Julius E., Worcester. ton, Vt.

Washburn, Mabel V., Jamaica Sister Mary Peter, Burlington, Plain. Vt.

Waters, Simon, Boston.

Welch, Claude E., Roxbury.
Welch, Helen Gertrude, Atlantic.
Welch, J. Frank, Lynn.
Westall, Carroll, Cambridge.
Wetherald, Isabel, Dorchester.
Wheelock, Gladys May, MC-

Comb, Miss.
White, Helen (A.B., Bates Coll.),

Wiscasset, Me. Wiegand, Louise Augusta, E.


Wilder, Lester Oatway (A.B,

Univ. of Rochester), Roches

ter, N. Y. Williams, Cassie, Mullin, Tex. Williams, Mary E., No. Cam

bridge. Williams, Ollie, Mullin, Tex. Wilson, Linda, Fayetteville,

Tenn. Wong, Hinting, Canton, China. Wood, Amy Beach, Somerville. Woodard, Ida, Dallas, Tex.. Wright, Edith Bronson, Allston.

More than any man of recent years, Dr. Curry has represented sane and scientific methods in training the Speaking Voice. ~ DR. SHAILER MATHEWS, University of Chicago.

Of eminent value. — DR. LYMAN ABBOTT.

Books so much needed by the world and which will not be written unless you write them. — Rev. C. H. STRONG, Rector St. John's Church, Savannah. Foundations of Expression. A psychological method of developing read

ing and speaking. 236 practical problems. 411 choice passages adapted to classes in reading and speaking. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid.

The more I use "Foundations" the better I like it. It is safe, sane and practical. ARTHUR T. BELKNAP, Professor of English, Franklin College. Lessons in Vocal Expression. The expressive modulations of the voice

developed by studying and training the voice and mind in relation to each other. Definite problems and progressive steps. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid.

Capital, good sense, and real instruction. — W. E. HUNTINGTON, LL.D., Ex-President Boston University. Imagination and Dramatic Instinct. Function of imagination and

assimilation in the vocal interpretation of literature and speaking. $1.50; to teachers, $1.20, postpaid.

Dr. Curry well calls the attention to the processes of thinking in the modulation of the voice. Too much stress can hardly be laid on the author's ground principle. DR. LYMAN ABBOTT, in The Outlook. Mind and Voice. Principles and Methods in Vocal Training. 456 pp. $1.50;

to teachers, $1,20, postpaid. The book is a masterpiece and one that every teacher of voice, whether for singing or speaking, should possess. — EDITH W. Moses. Browning and The Dramatic Monologue, Nature and peculiarities

of Browning's poetry. Principles involved in rendering the monologue. Introduction to Browning, and to dramatic platform art. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid. Province of Expression. Principles and Methods of developing delivery.

- An introduction to the study of natural languages, and their relation to art and development. $1.50; to teachers, $1.20, postpaid,

To me a very wonderful book. — PROF. ALEXANDER MELVILLE BELL. Vocal and Literary Interpretation of the Bible. Introduction by

Prof. Francis Peabody, D.D., of Harvard University. $1.50; students' edition, $0.50.

A book that we would introduce into every theological seminary. The work of a master in his sphere. — Methodist Protestant, Baltimore.

Deserves the attention of everyone. - The Scotsman, Edinburgh

A most timely volume, which, indeed, can scarcely be said to have a predecessor. The Churchman, New York. Classics for Vocal Expression. Gems from the best authors for voice

and interpretation. In use in the foremost schools and colleges. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid. Spoken English. A psychological method of developing reading, conversation

and speaking. A book for junior students or teachers, 320 pages. $1.25; to teachers, $1.00, postpaid...

It brings out the steps simply and logically to the teacher and student, makes the reader a thinker of thoughts, and reading a direct manifestation of the mental activities. -- MARY F. FINNERAN, Teacher in Boston Public Schools. Little Classics for Oral English. Companion to Spoken English.

Introductory questions and topics, May be used with Spoken English or separately. Questions and topics correspond. Fresh and beautiful selections from best authors. 384 pages. $1.25; to teachers, $1.00, postpaid.

Splendidi just what is needed in our public schools. - ADANOIS BAILEY, Montclair, The Smile. Expression and the philosophy of life. $1.00. Text-book of the

Morning League, to members of the League, $0.75 postpaid. How to Add Ten Years to Your Life. $1.00; as Morning League text

book to members, $0.75.

Write for information regarding these and other books

Book Dept., School of Expression, 308 Pierce Bldg., Boston, Mass.

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Dr. S. S. Curry, President of the School of Expression in Boston, is no mere elocutionist. The insight which has made him so successful as a teacher of vocal expression appears in his writings on various phases of the subject which he has made his life work. – Dr. J. M. BUCKLEY, in the Christian Advocate.

We know of no writer on things relating to voice culture the art of expresgion and the development of the organs of speech, so necessary to public speaking, reading and dramatic interpretation, who possesses in so great degree the interior vision, the deep penetrating insight so necessary to a masterly and luminous exposition of the subject, as does Professor Curry. He is a thinker who goes to the foundation of the subject under consideration and seizes on the basic principles and applies them in a clear and easily understandable manner. ... The foundation p rinciples and mental problems are presented in connection with luminous practical instruction in the cultivation and development of voice and emotional expression, — The Arena.

Dr. Curry's many books are growing into a choice, classic library that no one interested in their general theme can afford to ignore, or will at all be disposed to do so. - Zion's Herald.

Dr. Curry is perhaps the wisest, most discerning, and skillful teacher of the arts of literary expression, and of all the branches of what used to be called elocution, of all who follow that profession in this country. He has fathomed the philosophy of his art and its fundamental principles as deeply as any other man now alive. - Dr. DAVIS W. CLARK, in the Western Christian Advocate.

Dr. Curry is in a class by himself as an author, teacher and leader in the noble art of expression. The five previous books from his pen have opened new vistas into literary appreciation and interpretation, and this latest work is of even more popular interest than any of its predecessors. Dr. Curry has dared to be himself in everything he has ever done as a writer and teacher, and this has never been quite so distinctly marked as in this study of Browning, a book which sheds an entirely new light on Browning and should be read by every student of the great master; indeed, every one who would be well informed should read this book, which will interest any lover of literature. — Dr. WINSHIP, in Journal of Education.

Curry has a way of his own, a new way, of interpreting great literature. He doesn't concern himself with microscopic details of the text, but makes you understand the viewpoint of the writer. — FRANK PUTNAM.

I am profoundly convinced that he has discovered deeper truths and has formulated them more admirably than any other teacher of expression living or dead. – EDWARD RICE.

The men and women of our calling owe to Dr. S. S. Curry, more than to any other man, honor for having contributed a noble literature to this great Art of Expression. — LELAND T. POWERS.

I have all my life been interested in what I have usually called the science and art of expression so as to interpret literature. As I have gone through Dr. Curry's books, it seems to me he tells us how to do it. I shall be glad to see every student taking a course in the science of expression, L. H. MURLIN, President Boston University.

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The attention of all who believe that vocal training in both reading and speaking is a necessary part of education and in the furtherance of better methods, is called to the works of Dr. S. S. Curry, which embody the results of his investigations made during the past twenty-five years. Dr. Curry has studied in person under more than fifty teachers, including the most eminent specialists in all parts of the world; he has investigated every phase in the historical development of elocutionary and vocal training, and searched every nook and corner of science and art for those fundamental and illustrative points which will be most helpful to the advancement of all phases of reading, speaking, and dramatic art. He has examined and taught

of ordinary, and of the most special and peculiar cases, and presents the results of his studies, experiments, and experiences in this series of books, some of which are already published and others are ready for the press.

These. with the books in preparation, will constitute a library on the various phases of the whole subject. No pains will be spared in the preparation and publication of these books to make them worthy of the subject. Many able men have urged the completion of these books as a means of promoting the advancement of all departments of speaking, reading, and dramatic art.

To secure the name and address of teachers of expression a small volume will be sent free to any one who will send fifty names and addresses of teachers of speaking, or of persons especially interested in this subject.

For information, plans of co-operation, particulars regarding the Expression League, address Book Department, School of Expression, office 306 Pierce Building, Copley Square, Boston,

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