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The Rev. George W. Shinn, D.D. ......
Charles E. Allen, LL.B...........
Hon. Nathaniel J. Rust ..........


Rev. J. Stanley Durkee, Ph.D. Hon. John L. Bates, LL.B.
Rev. Dillon Bronson, Ph.D. Nathaniel C. Fowler, Jr.
Dana Estes

George F. Paine
J. J. Enneking

James A. Page Hon. Samuel B. Capen

Shailer Matthews, D.D.
Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells S. S. Curry, Ph.D., Litt.D.
Rev. Samuel L. Loomis, D.D. Joseph M. Leveque
Rev. A. E. Winship, A.M. Rev. Davis W. Clark, D.D.
Pres. Nathan E. Wood, D.D. Alfred Jenkins Shriver, A.M., LL.B.
Frank W. Hunt

Arthur P. Rugg, A.B., LL.B.
Rev. Charles H. Strong, A.M. Rev. E. P. Tuller, A.M.
Rev. Willis P. Odell, Ph.D., D.D. Rev. Charles A. Eaton, D.D.
Hon. Thomas J. Gargan

Rev. John M. Barker, D.D.
A. S. Covel

Rev. Charles P. Grannon, D.D. W. B. Closson

Rev. A. Lee Holmes, A.M. Albert S. Bard, A.B., LL.B. Rev. Daniel Evans, A.M. Hon. Ell Torrance

Rev. W. A. Jones

Rev. George W. Shinn, D.D.
Charles E. Allen, LL.B.
Albert S. Bard, LL.B.
Rev. J. Stanley Durkee, A.M.
Frank W. Hunt

Hon. Nathaniel J. Rust
Rev. Dillon Bronson, Ph.D.
Rev. Samuel L. Loomis, D.D.
Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells
Dana Estes


Rev. George W. Shinn, D.D. Hon. Nathaniel J. Rust
Charles E. Allen, LL.B.

Rev. Samuel L. Loomis, D.D.
Frank W. Hunt

Hon. Nathaniel J. Rust


Rev. J. Stanley Durkee, A.M. Frank W. Hunt

EXAMINING Rev. George W. Shinn, D.D.

Rev. George Landor Perin, D.D. Rev. Dillon Bronson, Ph.D.

Rev. P. S. Henson, D.D.
Pres. Charles L. White, D.D.


J. T. Trowbridge Rev. Geo. A. Gordon, D.D.

* Joseph Jefferson Thomas Allen

William Winter George L. Osgood

Rev. W. H. P. Faunce, D.D. T. B. Aldrich

S. W. Langmaid, M.D.
James J. Putnam, M.D.

Samuel Silas Curry, Ph.D., Litt.D., President A.B., Grant Univ., 1872; B.D., Boston Univ., 1875; A.M., 1878; Ph.D., 1880; Litt.D., Colby Univ., 1905; “Snow Prof. of Oratory,” Boston Univ., 1879-88; Acting “Davis Prof. of Eloc.," Newton Theol. Institution, 1884-—; "Instr. in Eloc.," Harvard Univ., 1891-4; Divinity School of Yale Univ., 1892-1902; Harv. Div. School, 1896-1902; Librarian of Boston Art Club, 1891-1902; grad. of Prof. Monroe and of Dr. Guilmette, pupil of the elder Lamperti, and of Steele Mackaye (the assistant and successor of Delsarte), and of many others in Europe and America; Author and Lecturer.

Anna Baright Curry, Dean Grad. Cooks' Coll. Inst., 1873; Boston Univ. Sch. of Oratory, 1877; Instructor Boston Univ. Sch. of Oratory, 1877-79; Prin. of Sch. of Eloc. and Expresison, 1879-83; Pupil of a'rof. Monroe, Dr. Guilmette, and others; Originator of “Impersonations"; Public Reader; Shakesperean Reader; Interpreter of the Higher Forms of Poetry and Literature, such as the Lyric, especially The Psalms, the Epic, and Poetic Drama, and Dramatic Narrative.

Heloise Edwina Hersey, A.B., Vassar

Charles Malloy Personal friend of Emerson; Lecturer on Emerson and Browning, and various spiritual phases of Poetry for many years at Greenacre and before Literary Clubs.

Caroline Angeline Hardwick, Registrar Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1899.

Binney Gunnison, A.B. A.B. Harv. University, 1886; Diploma, Sch. of Expression; Teacher's Diploma, 1898; Instructor in Elocution, Andover Theol. Seminary, 1902.

Mary Lena Wilkinson Grad. Sch. of Expression, General Culture Diploma, 1896; Teacher's Diploma, 1897; Regular and Special Student, five years; Special Courses, Harvard Univ., 1903-1904; Special Instructor Sch. of Expression, since 1896.

Howard Garfield Seldomridge
Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1903.

Lucy Sherwin Pierce

Radcliffe College.

Teacher's Diploma, School of Expression, 1904.

Eulie Gay Rushmore
Reader's Diploma, School of Expression, 1902; Artistic Diploma, 1905.

John Seaman Garns General Culture Diploma, School of Expression, 1904.

Eliza Josephine Harwood Grad. Posse Gymnasium, 1895; Special Post-Grad. course, 1896; one of the only two pupils of the late Baron Nils Posse, who pursued a special third year course, under his personal direction; has studied with twenty-five teachers in different phases of Vocal Training and Gymnastics; Gilbert's School of Dancing, 1905.

Fräulein Hermine Stüven Instructor in German, Wellesley College.

William Seymour Sir Henry Irving Instructor in Dramatic Rehearsal.

Herbert Q. Emery Dramatic Artist and Manager, fifteen years; Assistant Instructor in Dramatic Rehearsal.

Oscar Fay Adams Author of "Handbook of English Authors," "Handbook of American Authors,” “Story of Jane Austen's Life,” “Post Laureate Idyls,” “The Presumption of Sex," "A Dictionary of American Authors,” “The Archbishop's Unguarded Moment”; Editor of “Through the Year with the Poets,” in 12 vols.: "Chapters from Jane Austen,” Selections from William Morris, with notes. American Editor of the Henry Irving edition of Shakespeare. Le turer on Literature, History, and Architecture, in London and in many cities of this country.

Rev. Alfred A. Wright, D.D.

Caroline Angeline Hardwick

Binney Gunnison


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