The Itinerary of Greece: With a Commentary on Pausanias and Strabo and an Account of the Monuments of Antiquity at Present Existing in that Country

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T. Payne, 1810 - 152 pagine
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Pagina 22 - in many instances, where the emancipation of a district might often be obtained by the present of a snuffbox or a watch at Constantinople, and without the smallest danger of exciting the jealousy of such a court as that of Turkey, will be acknowledged when we are no longer able to rectify the error. We
Pagina 20 - The great difficulty of giving any tolerable idea of the face of a country in writing, and the ease with which a very accurate knowledge of it may be acquired by maps and panoramic designs,
Pagina 20 - which gives him a faithful description of the remains of cities, the very existence of which was doubtful, as they perished before the aera of authentic history.
Pagina 54 - that the present ruins are those of the citadel which existed in the age of the poet. It was built by Praetus, about the year 1379, BC
Pagina xii - would prefer an English saddle, but a saddle of this sort is always objected to by the owner of the horse, and not without reason,
Pagina 75 - anathema. The method used by a modern Greek to draw down curses upon his enemy is this. He takes a quantity of stones and places them in a heap in a conspicuous part of the road, cursing his neighbour as he places each stone. As no man is supposed to be anathematized without having committed some heinous sin, it
Pagina xi - The first article of necessity in Greece is a Firman, or order from the Sultan, permitting the traveller to pass unmolested,

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