Who Did Jesus Think He Was?

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BRILL, 1995 - 238 pagine
This book questions the lives of Jesus that say he did not think of himself as Messiah. It argues that Jews held that the Messiah would at first come to suffer and even to die. The Messiah could not say who he was; he would act as Messiah, waiting for God the Father to announce him king. The sayings of Jesus claiming or hinting that he was the Messiah are inauthentic in those respects, yet Jesus knew he was the Messiah. He knew he could be wrong, being fully human and fully divine, so he could be tempted. He died willingly for the sins of the world. He and other Jews believed in the Trinity.

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A Basic Assumption in Modern
Jewish Messianic Expectations before the Fall of Jerusalem
Hints of the Messiah
Can We Trust Johns Gospel?
Some Theological Reflections
Index of Ancient Writings
Index of Names and Subjects

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J.C. O'Neill, graduate in history of the University of Melbourne, Australia, Ph.D. (1959), University of Cambridge, is Professor of New Testament, New College, University of Edinburgh. He has published widely on the New Testament and Jewish writing of the time.

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