The rivals. Tracy's ambition. By the author of 'The collegians'. by G. Griffin

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Pagina 149 - MY darling, my darling, while silence is on the moor, And lone in the sunshine, I sit by our cabin door ; When evening falls quiet and calm over land and sea, My darling, my darling, I think of past times and thee ! Here, while on this cold shore, I wear out my lonely hours, My child in the heavens is spreading my bed with flowers,* All weary my bosom is grown of this friendless clime, But I long not to leave it, for that were a shame and crime. They bear to the churchyard the youth in their health...
Pagina 277 - Under an oak, whose boughs were mossed with age, And high top bald with dry antiquity, A wretched, ragged man, o'ergrown with hair, Lay sleeping on his back; about his neck A green and gilded snake had wreathed itself, Who with her head, nimble in threats, approached...
Pagina 74 - So he laves you to guess what a passion she is in, when he makes her lave an infinitive mood without anything to govern it. You can't attribute it to ignorance, for it would be a dhroll thing in airnest, if Juno, the queen of all the gods, didn't know a common rule in syntax ; so that yon have nothing for it but to say that she must be in the very moral of a fury. Such, boys, is the art o' poets, an' the janius o
Pagina 115 - Happy is the bride that the sun shines on, Happy is the corpse that the rain rains on.
Pagina 155 - Since every Jack became a gentleman, There's many a gentle person made a Jack. Q. Eliz. Come, come, we know your meaning, brother Gloster ; You envy my advancement, and my friends' ; God grant we never may have need of you ! Glo.
Pagina 70 - Near this was a wooden sthroker, that is to say, a large rule of smooth and polished deal, used for sthroking lines in the copybook, and also for sthroking the palms of refractory pupils. On the other side lay a lofty heap of copy-books, which were left there by the boys and girls for the purpose of having their copies
Pagina 74 - Latio, multosque per annos Errabant, acti fatis, maria omnia circum. Tantae molis erat Romanam condere gentem. Vix e conspectu Siculae telluris in altum Vela dabant laeti, et spumas salis...
Pagina 76 - For the present however the delinquents are saved by the entrance of a fresh character upon the scene. " The new-comer was a handsome young woman who carried a pet child in her arms and held another by the hand. The sensation of pleasure which ran among the young culprits at her appearance showed her to be their 'great Captain's Captain,' the beloved and loving helpmate of Mr.
Pagina 74 - Homer's mouth in the nateness of his language, that you'd gather a part o' the feelin' from the very shape o' the line an' turn o' the prosody. As formerly, when Dido was...
Pagina 75 - The class separated, and a hundred anxious eyes were directed towards the open door. It afforded a glimpse of a sunny green, and a babbling river, over which Mr. Lenigan, followed by his brother David, was now observed in the act of picking his cautious way. At this apparition a sudden change took place in the condition of the entire school. Stragglers flew to their places ; the...

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