Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy: A Guide to Practice

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Since publication of the third edition of this popular text, significant changes have occurred in physical therapy education. In keeping with these changes, this new fourth edition corresponds exactly with the Practice Patterns of the APTA's Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. Readers will find a completely transformed and rewritten text, with chapter-by-chapter coverage of each practice pattern - making this book unique in the field. This newly integrated and up-to-date book will be the text of choice for an entire generation of physical therapists the world over.
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  • Remains a world-wide leader in its field, providing comprehensive and authoritative information on all aspects of cardiopulmonary physical therapy.
  • Covers structure and function, pathology, medications, medical tests and measures, and common imaging techniques.
  • Includes practical information on electrocardiographic interpretation, pharmacology, changes with aging, and evaluation and treatment skills.

  • Completely revised and restructured throughout, with integrated cardiac and pulmonary coverage that provides a more cohesive understanding of how the body functions.
  • Corresponds exactly with the practice patterns and current scope of practice as outlined in the Guide, keeping the therapist current with the APTA standard of care, and making this edition almost an entirely new book.
  • Includes case studies that feature essentials of the APTA's clinical practice patterns - real-life situations that focus on functional disabilities.
  • Contains eight totally new chapters that describe common cardiopulmonary examination and intervention skills, based largely on identified items from the Guide.
  • Provides updated and more complete information on pharmacology, promoting safe and effective use of drugs by understanding drug reactions.
  • Features totally revised and updated reference sections in all chapters.
  • NEW Evolve companion website provides readers with additional teaching and learning tools.

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Cardiovascular Structure and Function 3
Structure Function and Integrative Responses to Intervention
Normal and Abnormal Cardiopulmonary Responses to Exercise

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