The Archæology of Rome, Parte 8

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J. Parker and Company, 1876

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Pagina 87 - Roman marriages at the end of the first and the beginning of the second century were childless.
Pagina 125 - ... the neighbourhood of Newmarket, and in so doing several times crossed and recrossed the road leading to that village. It seemed to me that there had once been a wide trackway along the course of the dyke, and that, as land became valuable, and the road was narrowed, the proprietors inclosed the dyke sometimes on one side of the road, and sometimes on the other. The earthwork was much degraded, and indeed levelled, for considerable distances ; but all the peasantry we met with knew its course,...
Pagina 67 - Q -p. represent the four chambers. The channel of the aqueduct coming from the east, at a tolerably high level enters the chamber B. Thence the water passed (possibly over a large waste pipe) into the chamber beneath, D. Between D and C there were communications through the wall (possibly provided with fine grating). Through the roof of C there was a hole, and the water passed upwards, of course finding the same level in A as in B, whence it was carried off into another stream. By the aid of sluice...
Pagina 26 - Tuditanus, reduced by force the town of Aternum, took above seven thousand prisoners, and a considerable quantity of brass and silver coin. At Rome a dreadful fire raged during two nights and one day: every thing between the Salinae and the Carmental gate was levelled to the ground, as were the jEquimaelium and the Jugarian street.
Pagina 108 - Ipsos crediderim sic habitare deos. Quid loquar aerio pendentes fornice rivos, Qua vix imbriferas tolleret Iris aquas...
Pagina 18 - ... and of the tomb of Eurysaces the baker there discovered, just outside of the gate, gives a plan in which he inserts a temple just inside the gate on the southern side, which he calls the Temple of Spes...

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