The Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth, Volume 1

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Pagina 64 - ... of variety in the sentiments and characters, we shall be at no loss to account for the present neglect of a work which may, however, be esteemed as a production of uncommon merit at the time when it appeared, and as having contributed, in an eminent degree, to form and to refine the Italian tongue. If, however, the Arcadia of Sanazzaro had never been written, his sonnets and lyric pieces would have secured to him the distinction of one of the chief poets that Italy has produced.
Pagina 351 - De vitio in vitium, de flamma transit in ignem ; Roma sub Hispano deperit imperio. Sextus Tarquinius, Sextus Nero, Sextus et iste ; Semper sub Sextis perdita Roma fuit.
Pagina 223 - Italia ! thou to whom, in evil hour, The fatal boon of beauty Nature gave, Yet on thy front the sentence did engrave, That ceaseless woe should be thy only dower ! Ah ! were that beauty less, or more thy power ! That he who now compels thee to his arms, Might gaze with cold indifference on thy charms, Or tremble at thine eye's indignant lower...
Pagina 146 - From all parts of his dominions, his subjects of every rank voluntarily presented themselves to share his honours, or to partake his dangers; and, including some bands of mercenaries, he found himself in a short time at the head of an army, the numbers of which have been very differently estimated, but at the time of his departure, it could not, in its different detachments, have consisted of less than fifty thousand men. Before Charles could, however, engage with any reasonable degree of safety...
Pagina 350 - Inordinate in his ambition, insatiable in his avarice and his lust, inexorable in his cruelty, and boundless in his rapacity; almost every crime that can disgrace humanity is attributed to him without hesitation, by writers whose works are published under the sanction of the Roman church. He is also accused of having introduced into his territories the detestable practice of searching for state offences by means of secret informers; a system fatal to the liberty and happiness of every country that...
Pagina 29 - Cortegiano, in which he is introduced as one of the interlocutors. Nor did he neglect his literary studies, of which he gave a sufficient proof in his celebrated comedy, La Calandra,. which although not, as some have asserted, the earliest comedy which modern times have produced, deservedly obtained great reputation for its author, and merits, even at this day, no small share of approbation. The high rank which Bernardo obtained in the church, and the distinguished part which he acted in the political...
Pagina 353 - Nor, if this were not the fact, would it be possible to account for the, peculiar good fortune which attended him to the latest period of his life, or for the singular circumstance recorded...
Pagina 213 - Muse's favourite theme, Expected tenant of the realms of light; Now sunk for ever in eternal night, Or recollected only to thy shame! From my polluted page thy hated name I blot; already on my loathing sight Too long obtruded ; and to purer white Convert the destined record of thy fame. On thy triumphant deeds far other strains I hoped to raise; but thou defraud'st the song; Ill-omen'd bird, that shunn'st the day's broad eye.
Pagina 360 - Hie jacet in tumulo, Lucretia nomine, sed re Thais. Alexandri filia, sponsa, nurus.

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