Bibliographia Zoologię Et Geologię: A General Catalogue of All Books, Tracts, and Memoirs on Zoology and Geology, Volume 4

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Ray society, 1854
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Pagina 402 - ZOOLOGICAL ILLUSTRATIONS; OR, ORIGINAL FIGURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW, RARE, OR INTERESTING ANIMALS, selected chiefly from the Classes of Ornithology, Entomology, and Conchology.
Pagina 104 - PHILLIPS.-AN ELEMENTARY INTRODUCTION TO MINERALOGY; comprising a Notice of the Characters and Elements of Minerals; with Accounts of the Places and Circumstances in which they are found. By WILLIAM PHILLIPS, FLS MGS &c. 4th Edition, considerably augmented by R. ALLAN, FRSE 8vo. with numerous Cuts, 12s. cloth. PHILLIPS.-FIGURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF THE > PALEOZOIC FOSSILS of CORNWALL, DEVON, and WEST SOMERSET; observed in ' the course of the Ordnance Geological Survey of that District.
Pagina 177 - A geological and agricultural survey of the district adjoining the Erie canal in the state of New York.
Pagina 377 - STEPHENS. -A MANUAL OF BRITISH COLEOPTERA, or, BEETLES: containing a Description of all the Species of Beetles hitherto ascertained to inhabit Great Britain and Ireland, &c. With a Complete Index of the Genera. By JF STEPHENS, FLS Author of
Pagina 184 - GEOLOGY FOR BEGINNERS, comprising a familiar Explanation of Geology and its associate Sciences, Mineralogy, Physical Geology, Fossil Conchology, Fossil Botany, and Paleontology, Including Directions for forming Collections, &c.
Pagina 127 - GEOLOGICAL INQUIRY RESPECTING THE WATER-BEARING STRATA OF THE COUNTRY AROUND LONDON, with reference especially to the Water Supply of the Metropolis, and including some Remarks on Springs. By JOSEPH PRESTWICH, FGS, &o. 8vo, with a Map and Woodcuts, 8».
Pagina 123 - Galerie des Mollusques , ou Catalogue méthodique, descriptif et raisonné des Mollusques et Coquilles du Muséum de Douai , 1838 — 1844, ont indiqué un certain nombre d'espčces observées dans le Nord.
Pagina 69 - DE). Voyages autour du monde et vers les deux pōles par terre et par mer pendant les années 1767-1776.
Pagina 87 - Experimenta nova anatomica, quibus incognitum hactenus chyli receptaculum, et ab eo per thoracem in ramos usque subclavios vasa lactea deteguntur.
Pagina 352 - A Catalogue of the Shells contained in the collection of the late Earl of Tankerville, arranged according to the Lamarckian conchological system, together with an Appendix containing descriptions of many new species.

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