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may justly claim for it what Tacitus has said of his own age: Non omnia apud priores meliora sed nostra quoque aetas multa laudis et artium imitanda posteris tulit; and I have always felt that the introduction of the works of later authors in suitable selections cannot but infuse fresh life into classical studies, and widen the literary horizon of both pupil and teacher.

The present collection is the outcome of this longcherished conviction. As readers, I have had particularly in mind the students of the higher classes in colleges, but these selections will also be found most useful as collateral reading for lectures on post - Augustan literature in universities; they will furnish suitable material for sightreading; and, finally, they may possibly be welcomed by many a classical scholar whose lack of leisure or opportunity has hitherto prevented him from acquiring an adequate acquaintance with the literary masterpieces of the period in which they were written.

The selections themselves, while naturally not including everything that is best, will, I am contident, be found to contain nothing that is not eminently worthy of perusal; for, if I be permitted to alter slightly the words of Quintilian, pauca (sunt enim eminentissima) excerpere in animo est. Facile est autem studiosis quae sunt his simillima iudicare: ne quisquam queratur omissa forte quae ipse valde probet. Mere brief lumina ingenii et artis' have however, with one or two exceptions, been rigidly excluded, the selections being in every case made sufficiently extensive to give a continuous and coherent story which at the same time exhibits the author at his best.

The text follows the best modern editions, but I have availed myself of the opportunity to consult the latest critical contributions of importance, so far as they were accessible to me. The deviations from the standard texts

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have been briefly recorded in a Critical Appendix, but their detailed justification must be reserved for some future occasion.

In view of the unfortunate confusion in matters of orthography and punctuation with which I found myself confronted, I have ventured to follow one consistent plan throughout, although I am well aware that the works of the authors selected, covering as they do a period of four centuries, do not exhibit any such uniformity themselves. I have written the unassimilated forms—for instance, df, dr, dp, ds, dt, nl, nm, nr, bm, and the accusative plural in is, wherever permissible, but have retained mp throughout, for reasons which it is not possible to give here.

The brief introductions to each author aim at nothing more than immediate orientation. For detailed information the reader should consult the current hand-books of Roman literature. I have, however, drawn attention to exhaustive modern commentaries, or monographs, where such exist.

In conclusion, I desire to thank Professor E. P. Morris, of Yale, and Professor M. H. Morgan, of Harvard, for their trouble in reading the proofs of the following pages, and for many suggestions which they have kindly communicated to me.

ALFRED GUDEMAN. PhiladELPHIA, June 20, 1898.





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Porcius Latro . Controversiae-II.

Fabianus Controverside-III .

Cassius Severus

The One-sidedness of Genius Controversiae--X.

Titus Labienus

The Death and Character of Cicero.
I., 16–18, The Golden Age of Greek and Roman Litera-

II., 34, Cicero
II., 35, Cato
II., 36, Augustan Age.
II., 41-43, Caesar
II., 66, Antonius and Cicero
II., 67, 70-2, 87–89, The Last Days of the Republic

II., 106–108, 130 f., Panegyric of Tiberius.
Bk. VI., 2, 15-21, 3, 1-18, Alexander's Speech to his Mu-

tinons Soldiers.
Bk. VII., 8, 1-30, The Speech of the Scythians .
Bk. VIII., 1, 20–52, 2, 1-12, The Murder of Clito
Bk X., 5, The Death of Alexander


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175-211 Preface to the Natural History

175 Bk. II., 1-27, Pliny's Theology

181 Bk. VII., 88–94, On Memory .

186 Bk. VII., 100-117, Illustrious Men .

188 Bk. XXXIII., 1-13, Metals

192 Bk. XXXV., 1-19, 21-28, 51-74, 79-97, 101-104, History

of Painting


213-258 Bk. I., Prooemium

213 Bk. I., 1, Elementary Instruction

217 Bk. I., 2, Education at Home and in School.

224 Bk. I., 3, Child Study..

229 Bk. 1., 12, Multiplicity of Elementary Studies .

232 Bk. II., 2, The Character and Duties of the Teacher

235 Bk. II., 3, On Selection of the Teacher,

237 Bk. VI., Prooemium

239 Bk. X, 1, 1-43. On Reading

242 Bk. X., 1, 85-131, Review of Roinan Authors


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