Byron: Wrath and Rhyme

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Alan Norman Bold
Vision, 1983 - 216 pagine
Byron has been a notoriously difficult poet to place and the variety of the man is celebrated in this collection of essays, each of which illuminates and explores a crucial Byronic issue. Tom Scott discusses Byron as a Scottish poet; Walter Perrie investigates the Byronic philosophy, the composer Ronald Stevenson presents Byron as lyricist; J. Drummond Bone dwells on the idea of freedom in Byron; Jenni Calder writes on Byron and women; Edwin Morgan offers a piece entitled "Voice, Tone and Transition in Don Juan;" J. F. Hendry writes on Byron and the cult of personality; Geoffrey Carnall writes on Byron and role of the intellectual; and Philip Hobsbaum offers a study of Byron and the English tradition.

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Introduction by Alan Bold
Byron as a Scottish Poet by Tom Scott
by Philip Hobsbaum

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