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Page 19. Sub voce Auscultare- For BoNONENSIS read BONONIENSIS.

Fiat- Add:
“Fiat justitia, ruat coelum". NATHANIEL WARD. The

Simple Cobbler of Agawam in America. Printed
in London A.D. 1647. (Page 14 of Boston, U.S.A.,

edition, 1843.)

Inveni- Add:-
These lines are a translation by JANUS PANNONIUS

(Epigrammata, CLX., edition Traj. ad Rhenum,
1784) of an epigram in the Greek Anthology, IX.,


Quid dignum- For nascentur read nascetur. 261. Before Sed neque, Insert :

Securus judicat orbis terrarum, bonos non esse qui se dividunt

ab orbe terrarum in quacumque parte terrarum”. ST. AUGUSTINE. Contra Epistolam Parmeniani, III., 4, 24. “The careless judgment of the world is that they cannot

be good who separate themselves from the world in

any part of the world.” 315. Sub voce Alei te For Alos read Alls. 321.

'Alwtà For ANON read MENANDER. Dyscolus, Frag

ment 5, b.
368. Before 'Eatis kakoû— Insert :-

Ελπίς και συ, Τύχη, μέγα χαίρετε» τον λιμένο εύρον»
ουδέν έμοί γ' υμίν παίζετε τους μετ' εμέ.

ANON. (Anthologia Groeca, IX., 49.) (See also Inveni portum, etc., p. 109.) 410. Sub voce Makópios, For raidas read haidas.

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The present volume of the DICTIONARY OF QUOTATIONS has been compiled, as far as possible, on the lines laid down by Colonel Dalbiac in the first (English) volume of the series. In particular, I have done my best to avoid the perpetuation of errors, whether in quotations or in the attribution of quotations, by carefully checking every reference. This is the more necessary in dealing with the classics, as the various editors and commentators are seldom in complete accord in regard to the arrangement and subdivision of the works of their author. This is specially so with Plautus, Terence, the Latin elegiac poets, Pindar, and fragments of all kinds. In all doubtful cases, therefore, I have stated in the Index of Authors the edition to which reference is made in the text.

In the Index of Subjects I have given special attention to the English section, in the hope that the volume will thus be of service to non-classical as well as to classical readers.

The translations are taken in part from well-known versions, which are in every instance specified in the text.

Where no name is given I must be held responsible for any shortcomings in the rendering.

Considerable progress has been made with the third volume of the series, which deals with quotations from Modern Continental Writers. It is hoped that this part will be ready for press early in 1898.

I desire to tender my best thanks to many friends who have aided me in my work, and especially to the Rev. Alexander I. M'Caul and Mr. W. Swan Sonnenschein, who by the loan of books and in many other ways have rendered me assistance of the utmost value.

THOMAS B. HARBOTTLE. October, 1897.

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