Ancient Cuzco: Heartland of the Inca

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University of Texas Press, 28 giu 2010 - 271 pagine
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The Cuzco Valley of Peru was both the sacred and the political center of the largest state in the prehistoric Americas—the Inca Empire. From the city of Cuzco, the Incas ruled at least eight million people in a realm that stretched from modern-day Colombia to Chile. Yet, despite its great importance in the cultural development of the Americas, the Cuzco Valley has only recently received the same kind of systematic archaeological survey long since conducted at other New World centers of civilization.

Drawing on the results of the Cuzco Valley Archaeological Project that Brian Bauer directed from 1994 to 2000, this landmark book undertakes the first general overview of the prehistory of the Cuzco region from the arrival of the first hunter-gatherers (ca. 7000 B.C.) to the fall of the Inca Empire in A.D. 1532. Combining archaeological survey and excavation data with historical records, the book addresses both the specific patterns of settlement in the Cuzco Valley and the larger processes of cultural development. With its wealth of new information, this book will become the baseline for research on the Inca and the Cuzco Valley for years to come.


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The Inca Heartland
Human Impact and Environmental History of the Cuzco Region
The Archaic Period and the First People of the Cuzco Valley 95002200 BC
The Formative Period and the Emergence of Ranked Societies 2200 BCAD 200
Time of Regional Development AD 200600
The Wzri Period AD 6001000 in the Cuzco Region
The Development of the Inca State AD 10001400
The Cuzco Valley during Imperial Inca Rule
The Coriaancha
CHAPTER I2 The Mummies of the Royal Inca
CHAPTER I3 Overview of the Inca Heartland
APPENDIX Raaiocarhon Datesfiom the Cuzco Region

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Brian S. Bauer is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the author or coauthor of four previous books on the Inca.

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