Flash 4!: Creative Web Animation

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Macromedia Press, 2000 - 428 pagine
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Macromedia Flash 4 is the first simple-to-use multimedia tool for creating vector-based animations with built-in interactivity. Its three programs in one: a drawing tool, an animation package, and an authoring program. Flash 4 is ideal for artists and designers who want to enliven the Web with animation and sound. You dont have to be a programmer - Flash 4 lets you create lively interactive sites without having to master JavaScript, Java, or HTML. Flash 4 Creative Web Animation introduces you to the art of creating Web animations incorporating resolution-independent graphics, antialiased text, and streaming sound. Follow step-by-step tutorials to master Flash 4, from basic drawing to authoring complex interactions. Learn to: *Create vector illustrations and modify images created in other drawing programs. *Make your Web site come alive with Flash animations, buttons, and actions. *Plan and test your creations. *Optimize Flash movies for faster downloading and smoother playback on the Web.

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Derek Franklin is chief development officer of Crazy Raven Productions, and as such is required to thoroughly understand current technologies to push them to the limit. Derek discovered the Web, his niche, in 1995 and never looked back. When not working or sleeping in front of the computer, he enjoys playing music, reading, and dreaming about Tahiti.

Brooks Patton is the president and CEO of Crazy Raven Productions Inc., a leading multimedia and Web development firm with offices in Anchorage, Alaska, Indianapolis, and Dallas. With more than a decade of experience in network engineering, Brooks founded Crazy Raven Productions four years ago to focus on Web technologies and multimedia. On the rare occassions that Brooks is allowed out of his office, he enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, and being somewhere warm.

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