Flash 4!: Creative Web Animation

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Macromedia Press, 2000 - 428 pagine
Macromedia Flash 4 is the first simple-to-use multimedia tool for creating vector-based animations with built-in interactivity. Its three programs in one: a drawing tool, an animation package, and an authoring program. Flash 4 is ideal for artists and designers who want to enliven the Web with animation and sound. You dont have to be a programmer - Flash 4 lets you create lively interactive sites without having to master JavaScript, Java, or HTML. Flash 4 Creative Web Animation introduces you to the art of creating Web animations incorporating resolution-independent graphics, antialiased text, and streaming sound. Follow step-by-step tutorials to master Flash 4, from basic drawing to authoring complex interactions. Learn to: *Create vector illustrations and modify images created in other drawing programs. *Make your Web site come alive with Flash animations, buttons, and actions. *Plan and test your creations. *Optimize Flash movies for faster downloading and smoother playback on the Web.

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