The dispensing chemist's and medical pupil's assistant

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Pagina 112 - A TREATISE on the PRINCIPLES of INDEMNITY in Marine Insurance, Bottomry, and Respondentia ; and on their practical Application in effecting those Contracts, and in the Adjustment of all Claims arising out of them : for the Use of Underwriters, Merchants, and Lawyers. By WILLIAM BENECKE, of Doyd's.
Pagina 111 - A KEY to the EXERCISES in the above Work ; by means of which any person of a mature understanding may acquire the Elements of the French Language practically, as surely as if a professed teacher was sitting by his side : and, with a very superficial knowledge of it, may teach it to others. — Directions are given in the Key to Parents not accustomed to teach languages, who wish to instruct their children with the assistance of this book, how they must proceed.
Pagina 111 - A GUIDE to the FRENCH LANGUAGE, especially devised for Persons who wish to study the Elements of that Language without the Assistance of a Teacher. By JJP LE BRETHON.
Pagina 109 - Sfc., and the best Mode of keeping a Succession of Bloom through every Month of the Year, exemplified in a select List of the most admirable Plants of the present Day under the Arrangements both of Jussicu and Linneeus, including their native Country, Propagation, and the Soil adapted to each.
Pagina 109 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE on MEDICAL INHALATION, with numerous cases demonstrating the Curative Powers of the local Application of various Remedies in Bronchitis, Consumption, and other Diseases of the Respiratory Organs; embracing the opinions and experience of Rush, Sir Charles Scudamore, Eberle, Mudge, Crichton, Thomas, Corrigan, Ramadge, and others. By EDWARD JEHNER COXE, MD, of Philadelphia. A small volume. Price 3».
Pagina 111 - Also, price 8* bound, A KEY to the above Work, containing the Solutions of more than 900 Problems, by use of which, and the Algebra, a person may acquire a Knowledge of this valuable Science without the assistance of a Master.
Pagina 109 - A GRANDMOTHER'S ADVICE to YOUNG MOTHERS, on the Physical Education of Children. By MJ, late Countess of MODNTCASHELL. In 12mo, price 6s. cloth, a New Edition. *,* " This book is the production of many years...
Pagina 109 - Guide to the Conservatory ; being a concise Treatise on the Management of the Hothouse and Greenhouse; the Forcing of...
Pagina 112 - ... With observations upon the present critical state and future prospects of those Countries. With an appendix on the fulfilment of a text of Daniel in reference to the present prophetic conditions of Mahomedan nations throughout the world, and the speedy dissolution of the Ottoman Empire : By JOSIAH HARLAN, Late Counsellor of State; Aide-de-Camp, and General of the Staff of Dost Mahomed Khan, Ameer of Kabul.
Pagina 109 - Shrubs, &c.; and the best Mode of keeping a Succession of Bloom through every month of the year; exemplified in a select list of the most admirable plants of the present day, under the arrangements both of Jussieu and Linnaeus— including their native country, propagation, and the soil adapted to each.

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