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Salopian Zealot:

O R,

The Good Vicar in a BadMood.


-And tne Form of hi* Visage was changed.



Sold by R. Bishof, Great Newport street, Lmbn; A.
Browne and Son, on the Tolzey, Btifiol; J. Eddowes,
Shiewftury; T. Good Ere, Smnjey, Sec.


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THE Writer of the following tines has thefincere/t esteem for his Pedobdptist brethren: and thinksit necessary, in this Jhort Preface, to acquaint the Public with his tedfonssbr wiling on the subject of Baptism; and the satirical'•fiinnner in which hthascombated his opponent. He presumes thai no serious reader who is acquainted with the rife of the present controversy, and hath read Mr. De Coufcy's numerous publications on tkesubjeB, can be reasonably offended al the irony os this Poem, since he encounters his literary antagonist with his own weapons.

Mr. Medley, who is well known to be a man of a truly catholic spirit, was desired to baptize some persons at Shrewsbury. He preached on the occasion an extempore sermon, in which he asserted that submission to the ordinance of Baptism, though not essential to salvation, was a necessary part of evangelical obedience. Some detached parts of his discourse zvere, some how or other, conveyed to Mr. D. Mr. D. immediately published an cightlen-penny pamphlet in vindication of infant sprinkling, entitled, A Letter to a Baptist Minister. This pamphlet was answered by Mr. Medley. The answer produced a three suiting volume, called, The Rejoinder, with an advertisment qfasecond part, which, it issuppofed, is speedily to follow, in the interval of these publications, some A 2 lesser

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