Naval Weapons of World War Two

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Naval Institute Press, 1985 - 403 pagine
There is no shortage of reference on the warships that fought the Second World War, but the weapons they carried have been largely ignored, except in the most basic particulars. This situation is entirely rectified by this extensive volume, which is completely encyclopaedic in scope and largely based on original research. Divided by country (including minor powers not directly involved in the war), the book covers all the major weaponry of the period. Weapons of earlier vintage which were employed during the war, and those in experimental, trials or development stages in 1945, are also outlined. Book jacket.

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This is well illustrated and diagrammed, and the text is clear. Barrel length, and rates of fire, and other intimate details of turret life are clearly described. Well worth purchasing if your WWII hobby is serious. Leggi recensione completa

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Campbell retired from a career in military electronics.

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