Women in the American Civil War: [2 volumes]

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Lisa . Tendrich Frank
Bloomsbury Academic, 3 dic 2007 - 776 pagine
Except for those named HarrietTubman and Beecher Stowe, to be precise, women are invisible in Civil War history. The traditional treatment focuses on the men who directed and fought the war. This encyclopedia lifts the curtain on the untold stories of women as warriors, spies, fundraisers, and propagandiststhe whole range of war-related activity. Most Americans can name famous generals and notable battles from the Civil War. With rare exception, they know neither the women of that war nor their part in it. Yet, as this encyclopedia demonstrates, women played a critical role. The 400 AZ entries focus on specific people, organizations, issues, and battles, and a dozen contextual essays provide detailed information about the social, political, and family issues that shaped women's lives during the Civil War era. Women in the American Civil War satisfies a growing interest in this topic. Readers will learn how the Civil War became a vehicle for expanding the role of women in society. Representing the work of more than 100 scholars, this book treats in depth all aspects of the previously untold story of women in the Civil War. Title features: 400 AZ entries provide details on individuals, organizations, battles, and women's roles in events of the Civil War; 12 contextual essays cover all aspects of life for women, North and South, slave and free, in the years immediately before, during, and after the Civil War; Original documents, including letters and diaries, personalize and bring to life historical information; A detailed chronology of Civil War events highlights those particularly affecting women; Includes an exhaustive bibliography of primary and secondary sources; By far the most comprehensive resource in an area of growing interest at all academic levels; Explores issues of the home front and battlefield, and demonstrates the interconnectedness of the two; Focuses on the study of women in the Civil War, a field long considered as belonging to military men and elected male politicians; Demonstrates how women were an integral component of every aspect of the Civil War. - Publisher.

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