The First Part of Jacobs' Latin Reader: Adapted to Bullions' Latin Grammar : with an Introduction on the Idioms of the Latin Language ...

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Pratt, Woodford & Company, 1848 - 336 pagine
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Pagina 303 - Socer, firi, m. a father-in-law. Socialis, e, adj. (socius,) pertaining to allies ; social ; confederate. Societas, atis, f. society ; alliance ; intercourse; partnership; from. Socius, i, m. an ally; a companion* Socordia, SB, f.
Pagina 281 - Placeo, ere, ui, itum, intr. to please : sibi, to be vain or proud of, to plume one's self. Placet, placuit, or placitum est, imp. it pleases; it is determined; it seems good to. Placidus, a, um, adj. (ior, issimus,) (placeo,) placid ; quiet; still; tranquil; -mild; gentle.
Pagina 233 - God :) a lawful thing. Fascis, is, m. a bundle; a fagot : fasces, pi. bundles of birchen rods, carried before the Roman magistrates, with an axe bound up in the middle of them. Fatalis, e, adj.
Pagina 277 - Pelias, ae, m. a king of Thessaly, and son of Neptune. Peligni, orum, m. pi. a people of Italy, whose country lay between the Aternus and the Sagrus. Pelion, i, n. a lofty mountain in Thessaly. Pellicio, -licere,-lexi,-lectum, tr.
Pagina 269 - SB, f. a city of Campania.. Nolo, nolle, nolui, intr.' irr. (non & volo, ^ 83, 5,) to be unwilling : noli facere, do not : noli esse, be not; t 87.
Pagina 31 - Tu, ut videris, non scribis, You, as you seem, (or, as it seems) do not write. Obs. The third person singular of videor followed by an infinitive, with its subject in the accusative, or by a dependent clause after ut, or quod, may be said to be used impersonally; though strictly speaking, that infinitive with its accusative, or that clause, is the subject, (See No. 51,); as, 7.
Pagina 52 - And if he forget, he should look it out again, and. if necessary, again, till he know it thoroughly. 4. Frequent and accurate reviews of the portion previously studied, are of great importance. This is the best way to fix permanently in the memory, the acquisitions made. 5. Every instance of false quantity, either in reading or parsing, should be instantly corrected. Bad habits in this particular are easily formed, and, if ever, are corrected with great difficulty. If proper attention has been paid...
Pagina 195 - Artlfex, icis, c. (ars. & facio,) an artist. Arundo, mis, f. a reed; a cane. Aruns, tis, m. the eldest son of Tarquin the Proud. Arx, cis, f. (arceo,) a citadel; a fortress. Ascanius, im the son of JEneas and Creusa.
Pagina 225 - Domus, us, & i, f. § 16 ; a house : domi, at home; domo, from home : domum, home. Donee, adv. until; as long as. Dono, are, avi, atum, tr, (donum,) to give freely; to present. Donum, i, n. (do.) a free gift; an offering; a present. Dormio, Ire, ivi, itum, intr.
Pagina 27 - Docuit quam firms. res esset He shewed them how firm a thing concordia, agreement was. Note. When the verb in the direct or indirect question comes under § 103, RV, the predicate, or nominative after the verb, is translated first, and the subject or nominative, in the direct question after the verb, as in Ex. 4 ; but in the indirect, before it, as in Ex. 6. Thus, in Ex. 4, qualis is the predicate, and ille understood, the subject; in Ex.

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