The Geography and Geology of Alaska: A Summary of Existing Knowledge

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1906 - 327 pagine

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Pagina 117 - Russians in their trading expeditions. This was also the point reached by the explorer Zagoskin in his ascent of the river in 1843. * It can therefore be stated that the preliminary exploration of the main Yukon by white men was completed by this journey of the Hudson Bay traders, though its first mapping remained to be done by the members of the scientific corps of the Western Union Telegraph Expedition. In 1834 the Hudson Bay Company had by high-handed proceedings attempted to establish itself...
Pagina 28 - The Coast Range extends from near the boundary of Washington northward through British Columbia into southeastern Alaska, where it lies partly in Alaska and partly in Canadian territory. Following the coast line for nearly 900 miles, it passes inland behind the St. Elias Range near the head of Lynn Canal. Thence it can be traced northward, decreasing in altitude aud gradually losing definition until it finally merges with the interior plateau near Lake Kluane in longitude 138° 30'.
Pagina 124 - Eussell these parties have obtained in two successive seasons a large amount of the most valuable information concerning this mountain, which is claimed by Americans and English alike as lying within their boundaries. In the course of his second exploration, Professor...
Pagina 115 - Wrangell was most prominent. Coming to his post fresh from Arctic explorations, he naturally looked with favor on all geographic investigations, and it was under his regime that the most important of the explorations carried on by the company were undertaken. This work was actively furthered by one of Wrangell's successors, Capt. Michael D. Tebenkof, who was also an explorer. Tebenkof's atlas of the northwestern coast of America, comprising a summary of all previous investigations, is the most important...
Pagina 300 - Tin deposits of the York region, Alaska: Bull. US Geol. Survey No. 229, 1904, pp.
Pagina 28 - Of these the Coast Range, the St. Elias Range, and the Aleutian Range lie adjacent to the coast, while the Alaska Range is inland and forms the northern border of the system. In British Columbia the system embraces only the Coast Range, unless the highlands of Vancouver Island" be regarded as a distinct range.
Pagina 72 - Yukon within a few miles of each other. Dawson, with a population of 5,000 or more, located on the Yukon at the- mouth of the Klondike River, is the distributing point for this mining district. The following quotation from McConnell describes this region, which lies entirely within Canadian territory: "The Klondike region* may be described as a high plateau, cut in all directions by numerous deep and wide branching valleys.
Pagina 288 - The correlation of the southern peneplains — the Coast Range, the Chugach. and the Yukon — has already been suggested by Spencer in the paper cited. The writer must confess to having at first maintained considerable skepticism toward this correlation. The topographic surveys of recent date in the headwater region of the Copper and Tanana rivers, however, appear to indicate a transition between the Chugach-Nutzotin and Yukon Plateau peneplains, and seem to lend support to Spencer's theory, as...

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