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little, do thy diligence gladly to inake prayers and supplito give of that little : for fo cations, and to give thanks gathereft thou thyself a good for all men : We humbly reward, in the day of necef- beseech thee most mercifully fity. Tob. iv. 8, 9.

[* to accept our alms

* Is ther: be He that hath pity upon and oblations, and} no alms or obla, the poor, lendeth unto the to receive theseour the worils (to Lord : and look, what he prayers, which we accept our alms layeth out, it shall be paid offer unto thy di- and) be iegt unhim again. Prov. xix. 17. vine Majesty ; be- said,

Blessed be the man that feeching thee to inspire conprovideth for the fick and tinually the Universal Church needy: the Lord Ihall deliver with the spirit of truth, him in the time of trouble. unity, and concord; and grant Psal. xli. 1.

that all they who do confess

thy holy Name may agree in Whilf these Sentences are in the truth of thy holy word, reading, the Deacons, Church- and live in unity and godly wardens, or other fit persons love. We beseech thee also, appointed for that purpose, fo to direct and dispose the shall receive the Alms for the hearts of all Christian Rulers, Poor, and other Devotions of that they may truly and imthe People, in a decent Bafon partially administer justice, 10 be provided by the Parish to the punishment of wickedfor that purpose ; and reve- ness and vice, and to the rently bring it to the Priest, maintenance of thy true reliwho shall bumbly present and gion and virtue. Give grace, place it upon the Holy Table. heavenly Father, to all

Bishops and other Ministers; And the Priest Mall then place that they may, both by their upon the Table so much Bread life and doctrine, set forth and Wine, as be shall think thy true and lively word, and sufficient. After which done, rightly and duly adminifter he small say,

thy holy Sacrainents. And Let us pray for the whole

to all thy people give thy ftate of Christ's Church mili- heavenly grace; and especi

ally to this Congregation

here present; that with meek LMIGHTY and ever- heart, and due reverence, A living God, who, by thy they may hear, and receive holy Apostle, haft taught us thy holy Word; truly serving



thee in holiness and righteous- remembrance of his meritoness all the days of their life. rious Cross and Passion ; And we most humbly beseech whereby alone we obtain rethee, of thy goodness, O miffion of our sins, and are Lord, to comfort and succour made partakers of the kingall those who, in this transi- dom of Heaven. Wherefore tory life, are in trouble, it is our duty to render most sorrow, nced, sickness, or any humble and hearty thanks other adversity. And we to Almighty God, our heaalso bless thy holy Name, for venly Father, for that he all thy servants departed this hath given his Son our Saviour life in thy faith and fear ; Jesus Christ, not only to die beseeching thee to give us for us, but also to be our spigrace fo to follow their good ritual food and sustenance in examples, that with them we that holy Sacrament. Which may be partakers of thy hea- being so divine and comvenly kingdom : Grant this, fortable a thing to them who O Father, for Jesus Christ's receive it worthily, and so sake, our only Mediator and dangerous to those who will Advocate. Anen.

presuine to receive it unwor

thily ; my duty is to exhort When the Minister giveth you in the mean season, to warning for the Celebration of consider the dignity of that the holy Communion (which he holy Mystery, and the great Jhall always do upon the Sun- peril of the unworthy receive day, or fome Holy-day, imme- ing thereof; and so to search diately preceding ) be mall and examine your own conread ibiś Exhortation follow" sciences, (and that not lightly, ing ; or so much thereof as, and after the manner of disin bis discretion, he may think semblers with God, but so) convenient.

that ye may come holy and

clean to such a heavenly feast, EARLY beloved, on in the marriage-garment re

day next, I pur- quired by God in holy Scrippose, through God's affift. ture ; and be received as ance, to administer to all such worthy partakers of that holy as shall be religiously and de- Table. voutly disposed, the most The way and means thereto comfortable Sacrament of the is, First, to examine your Body and Blood of Christ; lives and conversations by the to be by them received, in rule of God's command



N 2

ments; and wherein foever science; therefore, if there be ye shall perceive yourselves any of you, who by this to have offended, either by means cannot quiet his own will, word, or deed, there to conscience herein, but rebewail your own sinfulness, quireth further comfort or and to confess yourselves to counsel ; let him come to Almighty God, with full pur- me, or to some other Minister pose of amendment of life. of God's word, and open his And if

ye shall perceive your grief; that he may receive offences to be such as are not such godly counsel and advice, only against God, but also as may tend to the quieting against your neighbours ; then of his conscience, and the ye shall reconcile yourselves removing of all scruple and unto them ;. being ready to doubtfulness. make reftitution and satisfaction, according to the utter- Or, in case he shall see the most of your powers, for all People negligent to come to the injuries and wrongs done by Holy Communion, instead of you to any other; and being the former, he shall use this likewise ready to forgive Exhortation, others who have offended you, as ye would have for- EARLY beloved bregiveness of your offences at

thren, on - I intend God's hand : For otherwise by God's grace, to celebrate the receiving of the holy the Lord's Supper ; unto Communion doth nothing which, in God's behalf, I else but encrease your con- bid you all who are here predemnation. Therefore, if fent; and beseech you for any of you be a blasphemer the Lord Jesus Christ's fake, of God, an hinderer or Nan- that ye will not refuse to derer of his Word, an adul- come thereto, being so lovterer, or be in malice or envy, ingly called and bidden by or in any other grievous God himself. Ye know how crime ; repent ye of your fins, grievous and unkind a thing or else come not to that holy it is, when a man hath preTable.

pared a rich feast, decked his And because it is requisite table with all kinds of provithat no man should come to fion, so that there lacketh nothe Holy Communion, but thing but the guests to fit with a full trust in God's down ; and yet they who are mercy, and with a quiet con- called (without any cause)


most unthankfully refuse to exhort you, as ye love your come. Which of you in such own salvation, that ye will be a case would not be moved ? partakers of this Holy ComWho would not think a great munion. And as the Son of injury and wrong done unto God did vouchsafe to yield up him? Wherefore, most dearly his soul by death upon the beloved in Christ, take ye cross, for your salvation; so good heed, lest ye, withdraw- it is your duty to receive the ing yourselves from this holy Communion in remembrance Supper, provoke God's indig- of the facrifice of his death, as nation against you. It is an he himself hath commanded: easy matter for a man to say, Which if ye shall neglect to I will not communicate, be do, consider with yourselves; cause I am otherwise hindered how great is your ingratitude with worldly business. But to God, and how sore punishsuch excuses are not so easily ment hangeth over your heads accepted, and allowed before for the same, when ye wilfully God. If any man say, I am abstain from the Lord's Taa grievous finner, and there- ble, and separate from your fore am afraid to come ; brethren who come to feed on wherefore then do ye not re- the banquet of that most hea, pent and amend? When God venly food. These things if calleth you, are ye not alham- ye earnestly consider, ye will ed to say, ye will not come? by God's grace, return to a When ye should return to better mind : for the obtains God, will ye excuse yourselves, ing whereof we shall not ceafo and say, ye are not ready? to make our humble petitions Consider earnestly with your- unto Almighty God, our heaselves, how little such feigned venly Father. excuses will avail before God. They who refused the feast in At the time of the celebration the Gospel, because they had

of the Communion, the Priest bought a farm, or would try

Mall say this Exhortation. their yokes of oxen, or be- EARLY beloved in the cause they were

who mind to were not so excused, but come to the holy Commucounted unworthy of the hea- nion of the Body and Blood venly feast. Wherefore, ac- of our Saviour Christ, must cording to mine Office, I bid consider how Saint Paul exyou in the Name of God, I horteth all persons diligently call you in Christ's behalf, I to try and examine them



selves, before they presume ding he hath obtained for us, to eat of that Bread, and drink he hath instituted and orof that Cup. For as the be- dained holy Mysteries, as nefit is great, if with a true pledges of his love, and for a penitent heart and lively faith continual remembrance of his we receive that holy Sacra- death, to our great and endment; so is the danger great, less comfort. To him thereif we receive the same unwor- fore, with the Father, and thily. Judge therefore your- the Holy Ghost, let us give selves, brethren, that ye be (as we are most bounden) connot judged of the Lord ; re- tinual thanks ; submitting pent ye truly for your fins ourselves wholly to his holy paft; have a lively and fted- will and pleasure, and studyfast faith in Christ our Savi- ing to serve him in true holiour ; amend your lives, and ness and righteousness, all the be in perfect charity with all days of our life. Amen. men: so shall

ye meet par- q Then shall the Priest say to takers of those holy Myste

those who come to receive the ries. And above all things,

holy Communion; ye must give most humble

E who do truly and earthe Father, the Son, and the

nestly repent you of Holy Ghost, for the redemp- your sins, and are in love and tion of the world by the charity with your neighbours, death and passion of our Sa- and intend to lead a new life, viour Christ, both God and following the commandments man; who did humble him- of God, and walking from felf, even to the death upon draw near with faith, and take

henceforth in his holy ways ; the cross, for us miserable

this holy Sacrament to your Ginners, who lay in darkness and the ihadow of death ;

comfort ; and make your that he might make us the humble confession to Almighchildren of God, and exalt ty God, devoutly kneeling. us to everlasting life. And Then shall this general Conto the end that we should feffion be made, by the Prien always remember the exceed- and all those who are minded ing great love of our Master to receive ihe holy Communion, and only Saviour Jesus Christ,

humbly kneeling thus dying for us, and the LMIGHTY God, Fainnumerable benefits which by his precious blood-lhed- Christ, Maker of all things,



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