The History Of Rome

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Double9 Books Llp, 2023 - 448 pagine
From the mythical conception of Rome in 753 BC up to the initial rule of Augustus, "The History of Rome" by Titus Livius or Livy in short, stands as a colossal archival masterpiece chronicling the rise of Rome. Livy's narrative is deemed one of the most pivotal sources, pivotal in enlightening us on Rome's antiquity. The 142 volumes of the book, of which just 35 are still present, bring to light the existence of the Roman civilization, stretching back from the city's birth to the Second Punic War. Livy's writing possesses significant worth not just for its historical substance, but also for its literary quality. "The History of Rome", fashioned by Livy as a story with an ethical obligation, depicts the ascent of Rome owing to its moral principles and its decline consequent to moral erosion. Livy's eloquent and expressive writing style makes this work an all-encompassing read for anyone intrigued by ancient Rome's history.

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In English, Titus Livius was commonly known as Livy, was born in 59 BC and passed away in 17 AD. His writings were all about the fascinating history of Rome and the Roman people, covering extensive periods. Livy's work, Ab Urbe Condita, which translates to "From the Founding of the City," delves into the first stories about Rome before its official founding in 753 BC, all the way to the time of Augustus, which was during Livy's own lifetime. Friends with Augustus and acquaintances of the Julio-Claudian family, Livy was a patron of history who encouraged young Claudius to begin writing. Known for his account of Rome, Livy's best-known work is a comprehensive history that spans the city's origin until the passing of Augustus. Particular emphasis is placed on Rome's military successes, which is no surprise given that it was written during Augustus' reign. When Augustus became emperor, he introduced a new government, which led to a storyteller creating tales of heroes from Roman history to lend it additional backing.

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