Jesus Was a Middle Schooler Too

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 84 pagine
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"Jesus was a Middle Schooler Too" is a series of short Bible studies drawn from the gospel of Luke. The title chapter deals with the adventure and dynamics of Jesus and Mary and Joseph visiting Jerusalem when Jesus was twelve years old. Others studies are scriptural perspectives and interpretations on various topics including chapters on temptation and prayer. This book is meant to be an encouragement to anyone of any age who is attempting to better understand and improve their relationship with God. Duane Jones is a husband of 28 years and the father of three children. He has been an adult Bible study teacher for over ten years. He has experienced life as a carpenter, a foundry worker, and a computer programmer. He currently works as an Information Systems Manager and lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Chapter One Jesus Was a Middle Schooler
Chapter Two Jesus and Temptation
Chapter Four Finding Focus
Chapter Six Using the Trust thats Already

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