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S E c o N D Part.

The Four GOSPELS in One,
Broken into


To be used with the


Printed Anno Domini. I.'DCLXXV.

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\w/Xii prfae his Devotions in one Booh^ But, feeing great 'variety was requi* site, to avoid that cfr)nefs with which often repetition uses to M our Prayers j and finding one Volume un capable of great variety, unless of a bulfyoa big, v cbara&er too little for tonve-4 c e: He re sofa* d to divide

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the Whok into Three; Parts whereof himself liv d to set ou tbeMfffe pfilt nniQi tbe Seconc in the manner you fee; th Third, cAnftsting es. Pfayers so all occasions, framed by an in Umate Friend according to hi direUwns^and overlooks by bin self, waits yetamopportunity < cayttng forth. Mean time yc have herethe Second part, cot taming the Life of our B. SI VIOUR. %he words of ti Eyangeliftj themselves y and a geUtd ont of all Four into o continued Hijiory j that t whole series* may be clearb discern* d, and no, emphatieal e pression or circumSlancc in

Advertisement. of the rf acred Historians Sfl: flowing herein the- much approv'd example of some of our own, as well as our Neighbour Divines y ofa late-one, of whom, A\ \-ixvi, this seems* a Translation. He meant it for Lessons to his Offices: whence, to render it more clear to the understanding, and more nffetUve to the will, breaking the Context into fit periods, He suited every one with Responfories which, heing entirely his cwnworl^, are Trmted in a different Letter, that who ft pleases may readthc [acred Story without interrupti«£' $he Genealogies We find lotted j and some part of the



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