A System of Mineralogy: Comprising the Most Recent Discoveries

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Wiley & Putnam, 1844 - 633 pagine

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Pagina 113 - ... is the weight of a volume of water equal to that of the mineral.
Pagina 108 - Rubicon on a certain occasion, and it is a contingent general truth that the sine of the angle of incidence bears a constant ratio to the sine...
Pagina 613 - An Account of an Earthy Substance found near the Falls of Niagara, and vulgarly called the " Spray of the Falls ;" together with some Remarks on the Falls...
Pagina 550 - Antimony Sb Argon A Arsenic As Barium Ba Bismuth Bi Boron B Bromine Br Cadmium Cd Calcium Ca Carbon C Cerium Ce...
Pagina 75 - Let a mass of matter be supposed to consist of spherical particles all of the same size, but of two different kinds in equal numbers, represented by black and white balls; and let it be required that, in their perfect intermixture, every black ball shall be equally distant from all surrounding white balls, and that all adjacent balls of the same denomination shall also be equidistant from each other.
Pagina 112 - The specific gravity of a mineral is its weight compared with that of another substance of equal volume, whose gravity is taken at unity.
Pagina 609 - CARPENTER, GEORGE W. On the Mineralogy of Chester County, with an account of some of the Minerals of Delaware, Maryland and other Localities.
Pagina 115 - If the file abrades the mineral under trial with the same ease as No. 4, and produces an equal...
Pagina 401 - Pitt or regent diamond is of less size, it weighing but 136-25 carats or 419} grains, but on account of its unblemished transparency and color, it is considered the most splendid of Indian diamonds. It was sold to the Duke of Orleans, by Mr. Pitt, an English gentleman, who was governor of Bencoleo, in Sumatra, for £130,000.
Pagina 517 - Lake is one and a half miles in circumference ; the bitumen is solid and cold near the shores, but gradually increases in temperature and softness towards the centre, where it is boiling. The solidified bitumen appears as if it had cooled, as the surface boiled, in large bubbles. The ascent to the lake from the sea, a distance of threequarters of a -mile, is covered with a hardened pitch, on which trees and vegetables flourish ; and...

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