First Editions of ... American Authors, Volumi 1-2

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Anderson auction Company, 1909

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Pagina 67 - History of New York, from the beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty.
Pagina 89 - THE shades of night were falling fast, As through an Alpine village passed A youth, who bore, 'mid snow and ice, A banner with the strange device, Excelsior! His brow was sad ; his eye beneath, Flashed like a falchion from its sheath, And like a silver clarion rung The accents of that unknown tongue, Excelsior!
Pagina ii - The highest bidder to be the buyer; in all cases of disputed bids the lot shall be resold, but the Auctioneer will use his judgment as to the good faith of all claims and his decision shall be final.
Pagina 136 - Ho — all to the borders! Vermonters, come down, With your breeches of deer skin, and jackets of brown : With your red woolen caps, and your moccasins, come To the gathering summons of trumpet and drum ! Come down with your rifles...
Pagina 123 - Areopagitica, a Speech of Mr. John Milton for the liberty of unlicensed Printing.
Pagina ii - TERMS CASH. If accounts are not paid at the conclusion of each sale, or, in the case of absent buyers, when bills are rendered, this Company reserves the right to recatalogue the goods for immediate sale without notice to the defaulting buyer, and all costs of such resale will be charged to the defaulter. This condition is without prejudice to the rights of the Company to enforce the sale contract and collect the amount due without such resale at its own option.
Pagina ii - All goods are sold as catalogued, and are assumed to be in good second-hand condition. If material defects are found, not mentioned in the catalogue, the lot may be returned. Notice of such defects must be given promptly and the goods returned within ten days from the date of the sale. No exceptions will be made to this rule. 7. Bids. We make no charge for executing orders for our customers. We use all bids competitively and buy at the lowest price permitted by other bids.
Pagina 23 - Hawthorne," as one of the present representatives of the family has seen fit to transmogrify a good old name. However, Time has seldom occasion to mention the gentleman's name, so that it is no great matter how he spells or pronounces it.
Pagina 92 - TURN, turn, my wheel ! Turn round and round Without a pause, without a sound ; So spins the flying world away ! This clay, well mixed with marl and sand, Follows the motion of my hand, For some must follow and some command, Though all are made of clay ! Thus sang the Potter at his task Beneath the blossoming hawthorn-tree, While o'er "his features, like a mask.
Pagina 136 - Yet we owe no allegiance, we bow to no throne, Our ruler is law, and the law is our own ; Our leaders themselves are our own fellow-men, Who can handle the sword, or the scythe, or the pen.

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