Golden Arches East: McDonald's in East Asia, Second Edition

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James L. Watson
Stanford University Press, 13 mar 2006 - 280 pagine
McDonald's restaurants are found in over 100 countries, serving tens of millions of people each day. What are the cultural implications of this phenomenal success? The widely read—and widely acclaimed—Golden Arches East argues that McDonald's has largely become divorced from its American roots and become a "local" institution for an entire generation of affluent consumers in Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, and Tokyo. In the second edition, James L. Watson also covers recent attacks on the fast-food chain as a symbol of American imperialism, and the company's role in the obesity controversy currently raging in the U.S. food industry, bringing the story of East Asian franchises into the twenty-first century. Praise for the First Edition: "Golden Arches East is a fascinating study that explores issues of globalization by focusing on the role of McDonald's in five Asian economies and [concludes] that in many countries McDonald's has been absorbed by local communities and become assimilated, so that it is no longer thought of as a foreign restaurant and in some ways no longer functions as one." —Nicholas Kristof, New York Times Book Review "This is an important book because it shows accurately and with subtlety how transnational culture emerges. It must be read by anyone interested in globalization. It is concise enough to be used for courses in anthropology and Asian studies." —Joseph Bosco, China Journal "The strength of this book is that the contributors contextualize not just the food side of McDonald's, but the social and cultural activity on which this culture is embedded. These are culturally rich stories from the anthropology of everyday life." —Paul Noguchi, Journal of Asian Studies "Here is the rare academic study that belongs in every library."—Library Journal

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This was an interesting overview of McDonalds in Asia, though overall I found it somewhat lacking. Not the research itself, but the extent that it had to be condensed in order to be presented in a ... Leggi recensione completa

Golden arches east: McDonald's in East Asia

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From a historical perspective, McDonald's Ray Kroc may be viewed as the latest in a line of foreign rulers who conquered Asia. From Japan to South Korea to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and, most recently, China ... Leggi recensione completa


Transnationalism Localization and Fast Foods in East Asia
McDonalds in Beijing The Localization of Americana
McDonalds in Hong Kong Consumerism Dietary Change and the Rise of a Childrens Culture
McDonalds in Taipei Hamburgers Betel Nuts and National Identity
McDonalds in Seoul Food Choices Identity and Nationalism
McDonalds in Japan Changing Manners and Etiquette
McDonalds as Political Target Globalization and Antiglobalization in the TwentyFirst Century
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James L. Watson is Fairbank Professor of Chinese Society and Professor of Anthropology at Harvard University.

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