The Evidences Of The Christian Religion

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Jazzybee Verlag, 2012 - 382 pagine
One of the basic apologetic works of Christianity is this work by Joseph Addison, dealing with God and his Attributes, the Dignity of the Scripture Language and many other open questions.

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Sect I
Sec Ii
Sect Iii
Sect Iv
Sect V
Sect Vi
Sect Vii
The Providence Of
The Worship Of
Advantages Of Revelation Above Natural Reason
Excellency Of The Christian Institution
Dignity Of The Scripture Language
Against Atheism And Infidelity
Against The Modern FreeThinkers
Immortality Of The Soul And A Future State

Sect Viii
Sect Ix
Additional Discourses Sect I Of God And His Attributes
The Power And Wisdom Of God In The Creation
Death And Judgement

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