The Zoist: A Journal of Cerebral Physiology & Mesmerism, and Their Applications to Human Welfare, Volume 7

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Pagina 331 - Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: but I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.
Pagina 401 - No, my lamb," exclaimed a more aged and experienced Turk. " I have seen the images of the infidels in the churches of Beyoglu ; they are dressed in many colours; and although some of them have wings, none have a dog's body and a tail ; these are the works of the Jin, whom the holy Solomon, peace be upon him ! reduced to obedience and imprisoned under his seal.
Pagina 259 - ... his head, wearing spectacles, and with one foot on the ground and the other raised behind him, as if he were stepping down from a seat. The description was exactly true in every respect; the peculiar position of the hand was occasioned by an almost constant headache, and that of the foot or leg by a stiff knee, caused by a fall from a horse in hunting.
Pagina 433 - I knew him some years, and knew him to be a man of unblameable character. One day he was summoned to appear before the board of general officers. One of them said, " What ' is this which we hear of you ? We hear you are turned prophet, and that you foretell the downfall of the bloody house of Bourbon, and the haughty house of Austria. We should be glad if you were a real prophet, and if your prophecies came true. But what sign do you give to convince us you are so; and that your predictions will...
Pagina 260 - Canterbury, and as he came into the hall, or first room thereof, he mistook the room, and went into the buttery, where he espied a maid, described by Hodges, as before said, drawing a can of beer, &c. He then more narrowly viewing her person and habit, found her, in all parts, to be the same Hodges had described ; after which he became a suitor unto her, and was married unto her ; which woman I have often seen.
Pagina 44 - Among quacks, the IMPOSTORS called MESMERISTS, are in my opinion the especial FAVOURITES of those, both male and female, in whom the SEXUAL PASSIONS BURN STRONGLY, either in secret or notoriously.. DECENCY FORBIDS ME TO BE MORE EXPLICIT.
Pagina 401 - This is not the work of men's hands," exclaimed he, "but of those infidel giants of whom the Prophet, peace be with him ! has said, that they were higher than the tallest date tree ; this is one of the idols which Noah, peace be with him ! cursed before the flood.
Pagina 121 - Thy form benign, oh goddess, wear, Thy milder influence impart, Thy philosophic train be there To soften, not to wound, my heart. The generous spark extinct revive Teach me to love, and to forgive, Exact my own defects to scan, What others are to feel, and know myself a Man.
Pagina 401 - It was some time before the sheikh could be prevailed upon to descend into the pit, and convince himself that the image he saw was of stone. " This is not the work of men's hands...
Pagina 260 - Hodges to shew him the person and feature of the woman he should marry. Hodges carries him into a field not far from his house, pulls out his crystal, bids Scott set his foot to his, and, after a while, wishes him to inspect the crystal, and observe what he saw there. ' I see,' saith Scott, '- a ruddy complexioned wench in a red waistcoat, drawing a can of beer.

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