The Boston Book Market, 1679-1700

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Club of odd volumes, 1917 - 197 pagine

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Pagina 127 - A Token for Children, being an Exact Account of the Conversion, Holy and Exemplary Lives and Joyful Deaths of Several Young Children, by James J anew ay.
Pagina 99 - The Perfect Politician; or, A Full View of the Life and Actions (Military and Civil) of O.
Pagina 9 - ... Eliza, which caus'd me to reflect on Mr. Taylor's Discourse. And his Prayer was for pardon of error in our ways — which made me think whether it were not best to overlook all, and go on. This day John Ive, fishing in great Spie-pond, is arrested with mortal sickness which renders him in a maiier speechless and senseless ; dies next day ; buried at Charlestown on the Wednesday.
Pagina 99 - The Heavenly Trade, or the Best Merchandizing : The only way to live well in Impoverishing Times. A Discourse occasioned from the decay of Earthly Trades, and visible wastes of Practical Piety in the day we live in, offering Arguments and Counsels to all, towards a speedy revival of dying Godliness and timely prevention of the dangerous issues thereof impending on us.
Pagina 86 - I speak to him about his cutting off his Hair, and wearing a Perriwig of contrary Colour: mention the words of our Saviour, Can ye not make one Hair white or black: and Mr. Alsop's Sermon. He alledges, The Doctor advised him to it.
Pagina 124 - A chronicle of the kings of England, from the time of the Romans...
Pagina 140 - A Token for Mourners : or the advice of Christ to a distressed mother, bewailing the death of her dear and only son,
Pagina 103 - The Unlucky Citizen Experimentally described in the various Misfortunes of an Unlucky Londoner...
Pagina 128 - War with the Devil, or, the Young Man's Conflict with the Powers of Darkness...
Pagina 75 - A Theatre of Politicall Flying-Insects. Wherein especially the nature, the worth, the work, the wonder, and the manner of right-ordering of the Bee is discovered and described.

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