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Printed for J. WILLIAMS, No. 5, Skinner-row.



26. MAR 1917 OXFORD

HERE is no study which has a greater

efficacy in removing prejudices of every kind, or, which conveys more beneficial instruction, than that of history. A selection, on this account, of the more valuable passages, which are to be found in the most distinguished historical compositions of ancient and of modern times, must necessarily be considered as a work, which might be employed with signal utility, in the education of youth. It is, from a strong perfuafion of this kind, that the editor of the present Miscellany, has been induced to undertake and publish it.

The articles he has made choice of, he flatters himself, are well calculated to instil into young minds, just and liberal sentiments; to form, and to improve their taste and sensibility; and to infpire them with a generous emulation to excel. Nor are these the only advantages, which he hopes, they may derive from his publication. Views of the transactions and behaviour of men in difficult situations ; delineations of the characters and peculiarities of the greatest personages, who have appeared in the world; and relations concerning the progress of society, and the nature of subordination and government, beside


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