Heresies of Catholicism...the Apostate Church

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Is the longevity of the Catholic Church what Rome says it is? Were Christ's Apostles the original Catholics? Did Mary the mother of Jesus really help her Son to redeem mankind? Was the Gospel Jesus left to His disciples incomplete and in need of many additions to perfect it? This book, written by a convert from Catholicism to biblical Christianity, puts the chief claims and doctrines of the Catholic religion under the divine light of God's Word; searches for them in the halls of history; combs through the writings of apostolic fathers for evidence of their veracity.

Chapter by chapter, Scripture by Scripture, the facade of holiness and patristic authority is peeled away, and the true apostate nature of Catholicism is exposed. For evangelical Christians, this work is a gold mine of information about Catholic doctrines and how to deal with the deeply embedded beliefs of those who call themselves Roman Catholics. To the devout Catholic, this book will be either a source of enduring anger, or a bright neon arrow pointing to the eternal, soul-saving Word of God.

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Born into a devout Roman Catholic family during the Great Depression, John Schroeder received a completely Catholic education, attending Parochial Elementary School, Jesuit High School, and Jesuit University. He is a U.S. Army Veteran, having served in Korea, and a retired successful businessman. John Schroeder has been Roman Catholic for 52 years. The gift of a King James Study Bible and subsequent reading of it resulted in conversion to born again biblical Christianity. Heavily burdened for Roman Catholics who may not have experienced the mandatory regeneration described in the third chapter of the Gospel of

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