Catalogue of Books in the Boston Atheneum: To which are Added the By-laws of the Institution, and a List of Its Proprietors and Subscribers

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W. L. Lewis, 1827 - 356 pagine

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Pagina 180 - Le costume ou Essai sur les habillements et les usages de plusieurs peuples de l'antiquité, prouvé par les monuments.
Pagina 294 - An Account of the state of the Roman Catholic Religion throughout the world.
Pagina 71 - LECTURES on the GENERAL STRUCTURE of the HUMAN BODY, and on the Anatomy and Functions of the Skin ; delivered before the Royal College of Surgeons in London, in the courses for 1823.
Pagina 235 - PAINE, JAMES. Plans, elevations, and sections, of noblemen and gentlemen's houses, and also of stabling, bridges, public and private, temples, and other garden buildings; executed in the counties of Derby, Durham, Middlesex, Northumberland, Nottingham and York.
Pagina 20 - Treatise on the Origin and Component Parts of the Stone in the Urinary Bladder,
Pagina 347 - If any book shall be lost or injured, the person to whom it stands charged shall replace it by a new volume or set, if it...
Pagina 239 - Remains of Japhet, being Historical Enquiries into the Affinity and Origin of the European Languages.
Pagina 11 - Smart, Langhorne, Bruce, Chatterton, Graeme, Glover, Lovibond, Penrose, Mickle, Jago, Scott, Johnson, W. Whitehead, Jenyns, Logan, Warton, Cotton, Blacklock. 12. Pope's Iliad and Odyssey, West's Pindar ; Dryden's Virgil, Persius, and Juvenal ; Pitt's JËneid, Rowe's Lucan, Homer's Hymn to Ceres, Pye's Olympic Odes. 13. Cook's Hesiod ; Fawkes...
Pagina 322 - Epitomised on a plan which allows of full Definitions to the leading Words", and large additions to the Terms of Modern Science: with a Key to the Pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names.
Pagina 309 - This act probably had the effect of putting the unlicensed dealers down ; which may account for the common statement that no such description of dealers ever made their appearance till a comparatively recent period. In an Introductory Essay prefixed to the first volume of the ' Transactions of the Associated Apothecaries and Surgeon Apothecaries of England and Wales' (8vo. London, 1823), in which it is admitted that anciently " the apothecary held the same situation which appertains, or ought to...

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