Science Research Proves Evolution Hoax: The Conflagration, When Parallel Universes Merge

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AuthorHouse, 9 mag 2006 - 332 pagine
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Packed with eye-opening facts that expose evolution as a faked ideology, "the great apostasy" was set up using underground couriers and agents of pre-Nazi Germany, who plotted to reprogram the minds of the entire world!  The plan fitted many fakes of Haeckel and others, and major frauds such as the Piltdown Man, in an international undertaking.  Leading socialists in England and Germany were used to rig the string-like controls of Darwin, Huxley, and others, who functioned as living puppets.  Their tricks and discoveries managed to outwit the leading scientific minds of America and England; even the Royal Society members were deceived. All were deceived by what the Nations did - and many today are still ensnared in the utterly deceptive, faked scientific ideology of evolution.

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Bruce D. McKay is an biological epistemologist.   He graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL, (1967).  Ranked third in the entering class in the biological sciences, on entrance exams at FSU. His gifted intellect surfaced in 1952, after he died and was "taken up."(Wis. 4:14).  He saw The Tree of Life, the River of Life, the Promised Land, and “millions of souls under the altar” who died rather than forsake the word of God, exactly as in Rev. 6. After pulling his wing around him the Lord said, "They know that I am not willing than any man should perish."  Then McKay "freely volunteered" to be sent back! He says, “I wanted to tell everyone, Heaven is a very real place!”

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