Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Volume 16

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New York Public Library., 1912
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Vol. 67, no. 6 (June 1963) includes article introducing Esther Elisabeth Larson's Swedish commentators on America, 1638-1865.

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Pagina 110 - America in the latter part of the eighteenth and the first half of the nineteenth centuries. In time and by suitable arrangement the collection should show fairly well the development of children's books and their illustration.
Pagina 62 - ENGINEERING ESTIMATES, COSTS, AND ACCOUNTS. A Guide to Commercial Engineering. With numerous examples of Estimates and Costs of Millwright Work, Miscellaneous Productions, Steam Engines and Steam Boilers ; and a Section on the Preparation of Costs Accounts. By A GENERAL MANAGER. Second Edition.
Pagina 348 - For the recognition of the independence of the people of Cuba, demanding that the Government of Spain relinquish its authority and government in the island of Cuba, and to withdraw its land and naval forces from Cuba and Cuban waters, and directing the President of the United States to use the land and naval forces of the United States to carry these resolutions into effect...
Pagina 31 - LIVES AND VOYAGES OF DRAKE, CAVENDISH, AND DAMPIER; Including "an Introductory View of the Earlier Discoveries in the South Sea, and the History of the Bucaniers.
Pagina 541 - An Act temporarily to provide revenues and a civil government for Porto Rico, and for other purposes...
Pagina 360 - America of lands in Cuba for coaling and naval stations signed by the President of the Republic of Cuba...
Pagina 345 - Message of the President of the United States communicated to the two houses of Congress at the beginning of the First Session of the Fifty-ninth Congress" (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1906).
Pagina 345 - Message from the President of the United States, transmitting the Report of the naval court of inquiry upon the destruction of the United States battle ship Maine in Havana harbor, February 15, 1898, together with the testimony taken before the court.
Pagina 345 - George Dewey, of the United States Navy, for highly distinguished conduct in conflict with the enemy, and to the officers and men under his command for their gallantry in the destruction of the enemy's fleet and the capture of the enemy's fortifications in the bay of Manila.
Pagina 357 - I hereby order and direct that during the maintenance of the military government by the United States in the island of Cuba and all islands in the West Indies west of the seventy-fourth degree west longitude, evacuated by Spain...

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