Yale Studies in English, Volume 53

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Lamson, Wolffe and Company, 1916 - 236 pagine
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Pagina 188 - Allobrogum requirat, eosque, si possit, impellat ad societatem belli, existumans publice privatimque aere alieno oppressos, praeterea quod natura gens Gallica bellicosa esset, facile eos ad tale consilium adduci posse.
Pagina 194 - Ipse equo circumiens, unum quemque nominans appellat, hortatur, rogat, ut meminerint, se contra latrones inermes, pro patria, pro liberis, pro aris atque focis suis certare.
Pagina xliii - I see not then, but we should enjoy the same license, or free power to illustrate and heighten our invention, as they did ; and not be tied to those strict and regular forms which the niceness of a few, who are nothing but form, would thrust upon us.
Pagina 218 - Catalina,' spoken by Sylla's Ghost, was writ after I parted with my friend at the Devil tavern. I had drank well that night, and had brave notions. There is one scene in that play which I think is flat. I resolve to drink no more water with my wine.
Pagina 15 - Not infants in the porch of life were free. The sick, the old, that could but hope a day Longer by nature's bounty, not let stay% Virgins, and widows, matrons, pregnant wives, All died. Cat. 'Twas crime enough, that they had lives :* To strike but only those that could do hurt, Was dull and poor : some fell to make the number, As some the prey.
Pagina vi - A portion of the expense of printing this book has been borne by the English Club of Yale University from funds placed at its disposal by the generosity of Mr. George E. Dimock of Elizabeth, New Jersey, a graduate of Yale in the Class of 1874.
Pagina xv - Conspiracy," l yesterday being the first day: a play of much good sense and words to read, but that do appear the worst upon the stage, I mean, the least diverting, that ever I saw any, though most fine in clothes; and a fine scene of the Senate, and of a fight, that ever I saw in my life.

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