Consciousness and Its Place in Nature: Does Physicalism Entail Panpsychism?

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Anthony Freeman
Imprint Academic, 2006 - 285 pagine
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For the last five years philosopher Galen Strawson has provoked a mixture of shock and scepticism with his carefully argued case that physicalism (the view that every real, concrete phenomenon in the universe is physical) entails panpsychism (the view that the existence of every real concrete thing involves experiential being). In this book Strawson provides the fullest and most careful statement of his position to date, throwing down the gauntlet to his critics — including Peter Carruthers, Frank Jackson, David Rosenthal and J.J.C. Smart — by inviting them to respond in print. The book concludes with Strawson’s response to his commentators. Galen Strawson’s books include Mental Reality, The Self? and Freedom and Belief.

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Galen Strawson currently holds the President's Chair in Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin.

Freeman read chemistry and then theology at Oxford University and was ordained in 1972. ""When God In Us"" was first published in 1993 he was dismissed from his parish for contravening church teaching, but he remains a priest in the Church of England.

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