Women and Madness

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Chicago Review Press, Incorporated, 2018 - 432 pagine
Front Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- 2005 Introduction -- Madness -- Demeter and Clytemnestra Revisited -- One -- Why Madness? -- Women in Asylums: Four Lives -- Mothers and Daughters: A Mythological Commentary on the Lives -- Heroines and Madness: Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary -- Two -- Asylums -- The Mental Asylum -- The Female Social Role and Psychiatric Symptoms: Depression, Frigidity, and Suicide -- Schizophrenia in Three Studies -- A Theoretical Proposal -- Three -- The Clinicians -- How Many Clinicians Are There in America? -- Contemporary Clinical Ideology -- Traditional Clinical Ideology -- The Institutional Nature of Private Therapy -- Four -- The Female Career As a Psychiatric Patient -- The Interviews -- Women -- Five -- Sex Between Patient and Therapist -- Six -- Psychiatrically Institutionalized Women -- Seven -- Lesbians -- The Interviews -- Eight -- Third World Women -- The Interviews -- Nine -- Feminists -- The Interviews -- Ten -- Female Psychology: Past, Present, and Future -- Female Psychology in Our Culture: Women Alone -- Female Psychology in Our Culture: Women in Groups -- Amazon Societies: Visions and Possibilities -- The Problem of Survival: Power and Violence -- Some Psychological Prescriptions for the Future -- Thirteen Questions -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index -- Back Cover.

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Phyllis Chesler, author of eighteen books and thousands of articles and speeches, is also an emerita professor of psychology and women's studies at City University of New York, a psychotherapist, and an expert courtroom witness. She is cofounder of the Association for Women in Psychology and the National Women's Health Network, a charter member of the Women's Forum and the Veteran Feminists of America, and a founder and board member of the International Committee for the Women of the Wall. She lives in Manhattan.

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