Sport and the Pandemic: Perspectives on Covid-19's Impact on the Sport Industry

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Paul M. Pedersen, Brody J. Ruihley, Bo Li
Routledge, 28 set 2020 - 288 pagine

This book takes a close look at how the sport industry has been impacted by the global Coronavirus pandemic, as entire seasons have been cut short, events have been cancelled, athletes have been infected, and sport studies programs have moved online. Crucially, the book also asks how the industry might move forward.

With contributions from sport studies researchers across the world, the book offers commentaries, cases, and informed analysis across a wide range of topics and practical areas within sport business and management, from crisis communication and marketing to event management and finance. While Covid-19 will inevitably cast a long shadow over sport for years to come, and although the situation is fast-evolving and the future is uncertain, this book offers some important early perspectives and reflections that will inform debate and influence policy and practice.

A timely addition to the body of knowledge regarding the pandemic, this is an important resource for researchers, students, practitioners, the media, policy-makers, and anybody who cares about the future of sport.


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Overview of perspectives on a global pandemics impact on the sport industry
Environmental change the sport industry and Covid19
Understanding the administrative
An exploration
The views of industry
British and American media framing of online sim racing during Covid19
Managing the worlds most popular
Slovenian Olympic Committees communication
Critical reflections on the future of global sport governance in a postCovid19
The XFL and the progression of sport
Pandemic mitigation and communication strategies during local sports
From hooligans
Israeli sports fans
Covid19 and Rudy Goberts reputational crisis

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Informazioni sull'autore (2020)

Paul M. Pedersen is Professor of Sport Management at Indiana University, USA, and founding editor of the International Journal of Sport Communication (IJSC).

Brody J. Ruihley is Associate Professor in the Department of Sport Leadership and Management at Miami University, USA.

Bo Li is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sport Leadership and Management at Miami University, USA.

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