Chemistry, Society and Environment: A New History of the British Chemical Industry

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Colin Archibald Russell, Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2000 - 372 pagine
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There have been several attempts to write the history of Britain's chemical industry as a whole, and countless others concentrating on individual companies. Some have looked at the technical aspects of the industry, whilst others have addressed economic issues. Few have, however, attempted to analyse the effects of the chemical industry on society in general. The current environmental crisis can only be fully understood in the light of its history. This is the first such book to look critically at the whole development of industrial chemistry in the UK in the context of its effects on the environment. No one from industry, government or academia can afford to be unaware of the historical roots of our present dilemma. Industrial chemists can take heart from the realization that their predecessors were remarkably aware of the problems and often found satisfactory solutions. Industrial chemistry has traditionally been seen as the great 'polluter'. Without any attempts at 'whitewash' this book puts the record straight. From academic chemist to industrialist to politician, Chemistry, Society and Environment: A New History of the British Chemical Industry will be of relevance to all those concerned with the social and environmental impact of the chemical industry.

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A Russell
The Shape of the British Chemical Industry
Origins of the British Chemical Industry
The Alkali Industry
Chapter5 The Nitrogen Industry
The British Pharmaceutical Industry
General and Fine Inorganic Chemicals
hapter 8 The Organic Chemicals Industry to the First World War
The Age of Polymers and Petrochemicals Industrial Organic Chemistry
The Early British Petrochemical Industry
Metal Extraction and Refining
Chemical Industry and the Quality of Life
Index of Persons
Subject Index

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