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philosphical in its arrangement, and exact and clear in its rules and explanations. The examples are such as to bring the mind of the pupil into active exercise. I should select this book to place in the hands of a child in preference to others upon the same subject which have obtained a wide-spread circulation." From W. H. Du Puy, Teacher in the English and Normal

Departments of the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary. My attention was recently called, by Prof. Whitlock, to Dodd's Arithmetic. Upon examining it, I find it to be superior to any other with which I am acquainted; and I design to introduce it, as soon as I may, into both the English and Normal Departments of our Seminary.”

Lima, N. Y.

Concurred in by Prof. WHITLOCK. Do The work is now used there, with great satisfaction. May, 1853.

From the Associate Principal of Mount Palatine Academy.

“I have examined Dodd's Arithmetic, and am fully persuaded that it is superior to any other with which I am acquainted. I could speak in detail were it necessary; but all that is required to establish its reputation and introduction, is to have it known by Teachers."

C. M. WRIGHT, Inst. From the Faculty of Rock River Seminary. Upon an examination of Prof. Dodd's Arithmetic, we have come to the conclusion that its superior arrangement, the clearness of its rules and explanations, and its improved nomenclature, entitle it to the careful consideration of the Mathematical Teacher: that these improvements distinguish it from all others that have come under onr notice. We therefore give it our cordial approbation, and shall introduce it immediately into our Seminary."

D. J. PINOKNEY, Principal.
S. M. Fellows, Prof. of Mathematics.

Silas SEARLE, Prof. of Languages. “ Dodd's High School Arithmetic is better adapted to supply the wants of High Schools and Academies than any other Arithmetic which I have ever met. His rules are plain, concise, definitely stated, and fully illustrated with examples.”


Baldwin Institute, Ohio. "I have Dodd's Higher Arithmetic, and unhesitatingly pronounce it the best work for advanced classes I have ever seen.


Grand Rapids, Mich.

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Similar testimonials have been received from the following
gentlemen whose names are attached, in favor of one or both these
H. A. Wilson, Jonesville.

L. Dickerman, N. H.
R. S. Thurmer, Ind.

J. G. Hoyt,

A. P. Chute, Mass

M. L. Brown, N. Y.
Rev. J. A. McCanley, Va.

W. E. Pierce, Ohio.
W. Spindler, Ohio.

N. T. Allen, Mass.
J. W. P. Jenks, Mass.

N. McDougall, N. Y.
Rev. W. L. Harris, Wesleyan

A. Wood, Maine.
University, Ohio.

J. R. Art, Indiana.
A. K. Slade, Mass.

A. Morse, Nantucket.
W. P. Clark, Mich.

G. C. Merrifield, Ind.
James Campbell, Ohio.

T. A. Benton, Ohio.
W. W. Howard, Ky.

Isaiah Dole, Maine.
W. B. Slaughter, Pa.

J. Estabrook, Mich.
W. A. Bacon, Mich.

J. Towler, N. Y
Rev. George Loomis, Delaware. M. F. Cowdery, Sandusky, Ohio.

C. B. Crump, N. Y.
Prof. Dodd's Algebras have received the most flattering enco-
miums from teachers who have used them in the school-rocm.
They are, probably, the most clear and comprehensive works on
Algebra in print.

TESTIMONIALS. We have introduced Dodd's Algebra into the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, as a permanent text-book.

Prof. W. H. DE PUY. Dodd's Algebra possesses excellencies pertaining to no other work.

R. H. Moore, III. I am much pleased with Dodd's Algebra, and will introduce it.

Rev. J. A. MOCANLEY, Va. I use Professor Dodd's Algebra, and shall continue it as our regular text-book.

Oscar Harris, N. J. From Prof. A. L. HAMILTON, Prest. of Andrer College.

I have examined with some care Prof. Dodd's Elements of Geometry, and, so far as I am capable of judging, I conceive it to be in many respects decidedly the best work of the kind extant. For simplicity, exactness, and completeness, it can have no superior. Like his Arithmetic and Algebra, in many important particulars, his Geometry stands pre-eminent, and alone.


is in press.


Enos's Intellectual and Practical Arithmetic.

Schell's Introductory Lessons in Arithmetic,--($100.) Designed as an introduction to the study of any mental or written Arithmetic. It contains a large amount of mental questions, together with a large number of questions to be performed on the slate; thus combining mental and written exercises for young beginners. This is a very attractive little book, superior to any of its class. It leads the pupil on by the easiest steps possible, and yet insures constant progress.

RECOMMENDATIONS. I have carefully examined the manuscript of " Schell's Introductory Lessons in Arithmetic,” and am convinced that it is altogether superior to any text-book of the kind with which I am acquainted. It is peculiarly adapted to the wants of beginners, the language being simple, the definitions clear, the examples easy, and the transition from one subject to another gradual and natural. I cannot too much commend the system which the author has adopted throughout, of fully illustrating every principle as he advances, by numerous mental and written exercises, rendering thereby one rule perfectly familiar before he passes to the next.

It is unnecessary to do more than to ask the attention of teachers to this work; they cannot examine it impartially without being convinced of its superior merits. It will, no doubt, become ono of the most popular of school-books.


Rector of Henry st. Grammar School, N. Y. I wish to introduce Schell's little Arithmetic. It is just the thing for beginners. Send six dozen. J. MARKHAM, Ohio. I am highly pleased with Schell's little book, and shall use it.

G. C. MERRIFIELD, Ind. Schell's little book for children is a beau-ideal of my own, and of course it suits.

D. F. DEWOLF, Ohio. The School Committee have adopted Schell's Arithmetic for our public schools. Send us three hundred.

D. G. HEFFRON, Supt. Schools, Utica.

An Intellectual and Practical Arithmetic-($0 25); Or, First Lessons in Arithmetical Analysis. By J. L. Enos,

Graduate of the N. Y. State Normal Schools. The same clearness and conciseness characterize this admirable book that belong to the works of Prof. Dodd. The natural arrangements of the text, and the logical mode of solving the ques

Whitlock's Geometry and Surveying.

15 tions, is a peculiar and important feature belonging to this book alone.


I have exarnined with care and interest, Enos's Mental Arithmetic, and shall introduce it at once into the Academy.

Prof. O. M. WRIGHT. We have examined an intellectual Arithmetic, by J. L. Enos, and like it much. We shall immediately use it in our school.


Rock River Seminary. Having used Enos's Mental Arithmetic in my school, I believe it to be superior to all other works of the kind.


Whitlock's Geometry and Surveying,($1 50.) Is a work for advanced students possessing the highest claims upon the attention of Mathematical Teachers. In comparison with other works of the kind, it presents the following advantages :

1. A better connected, and more progressive methed of geometrizing, calculated to enable the student to go alone.

2. A fuller, more varied and available practice, by the introduction of more than four hundred exercises, arithmetical, demonstrative and algebraical, so chosen as to be serviceable rather than amusing, and so arranged as greatly to aid in the acquisition of tho theory.

3. The bringing together of such a body of geometrical knowledge, theoretical and practical, as every individual on entering into active lite demands.

4. A system of surreying which saves two thirds the labor requireil by the ordinary process.

This work is well spoken of universally, and is already in use in some of the best institutions of this country. It is recommended by Prof. Pierce, of Cambridge; Prof. Smith, of Middletown; Prof. Dodd, of Lexington, and many other eminent mathematicians.

From E. M. MORSE, Esq:- I consider that I have obtained more mathematical knowledge from Whitlock's Geometry, than from all other text-books combiued. Unlike too many treatises of a similar nature, it is eminently calculated to make mathematicians.

Prof. Palmer's Bookkeeping, ($0 67.)


This excellent book is superior to the books generally used: because

1. It contains a large number of business blanks to be filled by the learner, such as deeds, mortgages, agreements, assignments, &c. &c.

2. Explanations from page to page, from Article to Article, and to settle principles of law in relation to deeds, mortgages, &c., &c.

3. The exercises are to be written out, after being calculated. In other works the pupil is expected to copy, merely.


Sir, -It has afforded me pleasure to read your excellent Treatise on Bookkeeping. The Perspicuity of its style is admirable, and with its peculiar arrangement, with references and laconic definitions, makes it at once invaluable to the young accountant, as a primary and practical work on the most approved method of keeping accounts.

Hiram Dixon, Accountant at Adams & Co., 16, 18, 19, Wall st.

Similar testimonials have been received from the teachers of the Free Academy, and others, N. Y. Horace Webster, LL. D.

N. W. Starr, Principal Ward
J. J. Owen, D. D.

School No. 29, N. Y.
G. B. Docharty, LL. D.

J. E. Whitehead, Principal
J. T. Bentdice, A. M.

Ward School No. 23, N. Y. J. Graef Barton, A. M.

J. J. Anderson, Principal Ward
D. Cartledge.

School No. 16, N. Y.
A. H. Wheeler.

L. Hazeltine, Principal Ward
Wm. Palmer.

School No. 14, N. Ì.
D. K. Bull.

S. Reynold, Principal Wil-
S. Kendall.

liamsburgh Grammar School,
Joseph Keen, Super'nt Com. N. Y.
Schools, N. Y. City.

A. Marceilus, Principal Wil-
J. J. Doane, Principal Ward liamsburgh Academy.
School No. 20, N. Y.

H. D. Woodworth, Principal
Thos. Faulke, Principal Ward Ward School No. 2, N. Y.

No. 30, N. Y.

Dr. Comstock's Series of Books on the Sciences, viz. : Introduction to Natural Philosophy. For Children.

$0 42 System of Natural Philosophy, Newly revised and enlarged, including late discoveries,

1 00

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