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Arnold's Greek Reading Book, containing the Substance of the Practical Introduction to Greek Construing and a Treatise on the Greek Particles; also, copious Selections from Greek Authors, with Critical and Explanatory English Notes, and a Lexicon. 12mo. 618 pages.

Boise's Exercises in Greek Prose Composition. Adapted to the First Book of Xenophon's Anabasis. By JAMES R. BOISE, Prof. of Greek in University of Michigan. 12mo. 185 pages. Champlin's Short and Comprehensive Greek Grammar. By J. T. CHAMPLIN, Professor of Greek and Latin in Waterville College. 12mo. 208 pages.

First Lessons in Greek;* or, the Beginner's Companion-Book to Hadley's Grammar. By JAMES MORRIS WHITON, Rector of Hopkins's Grammar School, New Haven, Ct. 12mo. Hadley's Greek Grammar,* for Schools and Colleges. By JAMES HADLEY, Professor in Yale College. 12mo. 366 pages. Elements of the Greek Grammar, 12mo. Herodotus, Selections from; comprising mainly such portions as give a Connected History of the East, to the Fall of Babylon and the Death of Cyrus the Great. By HERMAN M. JOHNSON, D. D., 12mo. 185 pages.

Homer's Iliad, according to the Text of WOLF, with Notes, by JOHN J. OWEN, D. D., LL. D., Professor of the Latin and Greek Languages and Literature in the Free Academy of the City of New York. 1 vol., 12mo. 759 pages.

Odyssey, according to the Text of WOLF, with Notes by JOHN J. OWEN. Sixteenth Edition. 12mo. Kuhner's Greek Grammar. Translated by Professors EDWARDS

and TAYLOR. Large 12mo. 620 pages.

Kendrick's Greek Ollendorff. Being a Progressive Exhibition of the Principles of the Greck Grammar. By ASAHEL C. KENDRICK, Prof. of Greek Language in the University of Rochester. 12mo. 371 pages.

Owen's Xenophon's Anabasis. A new and enlarged edition, with numerous references to Kuhner's, Crosby's, and Hadley's Grammars. 12mo.

Homer's Iliad. 12mo. 759 pages.

Greek Reader. 12mo.

Acts of the Apostles, in Greek, with a Lexicon. 12mo.
Homer's Odyssey. Tenth Edition. 12mo.
Thucydides. With Map. 12mo. 700 pages.
Xenophon's Cyropædia. Eighth Edition. 12mo.

Plato's Apology and Crito.* With Notes by W. S. TYLER, Graves Professor of Greck in Amherst College. 12mo. 180 pp.

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Thucydides's History of the Peloponnesian War, accordi
to the Text of L. DINDORF, with Notes by JOHN J. OWEN. Wi
Map. 12mo.
Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates. With Notes and Intro-
duction by R. D. C. ROBBINS, Professor of Language in Middle-
bury College. 12mo. 421 pages.

Anabasis. With Explanatory Notes for the use of Schools and Colleges. By JAMES R. BOISE, Professor of Greek in the University of Michigan. 12mo. 393 pages.

Anabasis. Chiefly according to the Text of L. DINDORF, with Notes by John J. OWEN. Revised Edition. With Map. 12mo.

Cyropædia, according to the Text of L. DINDORF, with Notes by JOHN J. OWEN. 12mo.

Sophocles's Edipus Tyrannus. With Notes for the use of
Schools and Colleges. By HOWARD CROSBY, Professor of
Greek in the University of New York. 12mo. 138 pages.


Gezenius's Hebrew Grammar. Seventeenth Edition, with Cor-
rections and Additions, by Dr. E. RODIGER. Translated by T.
J. CONANT, Professor of Hebrew in Rochester Theological Semi-
nary, New York. 8vo. 361 pages.
Uhlemann's Syriac Grammar. Translated from the German.
By ENOCH HUTCHINSON. With a Course of Exercises in Syriac
Grammar, and a Crestomathy and brief Lexicon prepared by
the Translater. Cvo. 367 pages.

D. APPLETON & CO., 549 & 551 BROADWAY, N. Y.,



Including the Departments of English, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, and Syriac; of which a complete


Will be sent, free of postage, to those applying for it.

A single copy for examination, of any of the works marked thus, will be transmitted by mail, postage prepaid, to any Teacher remitting one-half of its price. Any of the others will be sent by mail, postage prepaid, upon receipt of full retail price.

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